Why Was Oshi No Ko Episode 8 Delayed? New Release Date + Where to Watch!

Anime fans across the globe were left highly disappointed this week when Episode 8 of Oshi No Ko failed to grace their screens as scheduled. The past few episodes had been steadily building momentum, with episodes 6 and 7 being particularly eventful, and everyone could barely wait for the next episode.

However last week, news broke that Episode 8 would not be airing as expected, leaving fans with an unanswered question: why the delay?

The creators of Oshi No Ko promptly addressed the situation. They revealed that the reason for the delay was a “special” episode planned for this week instead. Episode 8, originally slated for May 31st, would now be airing on June 7th on HIDIVE and Netflix, building on the heavy anticipation surrounding the episode.

Why Was Oshi No Ko Episode 8 Delayed?

Why is Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Delayed? New Release Date!
Why was Oshi no Ko Episode 8 delayed? Release Date + Where to Watch [Image via Doga Kobo]
This unexpected pause in the exhilarating plotline was filled with a different kind of treat for viewers.

  • Rather than the anticipated Episode 8, this week’s release featured a special interview with Takeo Ootsuka and Yurie Igoma, the voices behind the twins Aqua and Ruby. The rest of the run time was filled with with a detailed recap of the first seven episodes of the series — not ideal, but it’ll have to do.

While the delay of Episode 8 left many fans understandably disappointed, it has also sparked a renewed sense of anticipation. The unexpected detour into behind-the-scenes interviews and a recap of past episodes has only served to heighten the suspense and excitement for the upcoming installment.

Oshi No Ko Episode 7 Recap

Why was Oshi No Ko Episode 8 delayed?
Akane’s suicide attempt in Oshi No Ko Episode 6 [Image via Doga Kobo]
Episode 7 of Oshi No Ko took a gripping turn as it followed up on the cliffhanger from Episode 6. The previous episode left viewers on the edge of their seats as Aqua just barely made it in time to intervene and save Akane from a suicide attempt.

  • Episode 7 delved deeper into this narrative, focusing on how Aqua collaborated with the Love Now cast to create compelling footage and photos that showcased Akane’s friendship with her fellow cast, effectively diluting the negative press surrounding her.
  • While the video failed to put an immediate end to the bullying, it did succeed in shifting the narrative and generating more support for Akane.

As she returned to Love Now, Aqua suggested that Akane adopt a new persona to protect herself from future attacks. Following his advice, Akane made a bold decision to adapt Ai’s personality, which all of us thought was not possible.

Why was Oshi no Ko Episode 8 delayed? When will it release?
Akane studying Ai’s life in Oshi No Ko Episode 7 [Image via Doga Kobo]
  • This led to Akane analyzing every publicized account of Ai’s life, and soon enough, she managed to deduce that Ai had been involved in an intimate relationship—specifically with Aqua and Ruby’s father—at the tender age of 15.

As exciting as it’s been to watch Akane become the new Ai, this has also left fans concerned for Akane’s well-being. As she delves further into Ai’s past, she risks entangling herself with the mysterious father figure who is determined to keep his relationship with Ai hidden. The question on everyone’s minds is: What will happen next? Only Episode 8 can tell us.


For those eagerly waiting to dive back into the world of Oshi No Ko, mark your calendars for June 7th as the new release date for Episode 8.

The episode will air on HIDIVE and Netflix during its usual premier timings. Make sure to catch up on previous episodes and enjoy the special content released this week, as it provides invaluable insights into the making of this exceptional series.

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