Akane Kurokawa and Aqua in Oshi no Ko
Who is Akane Kurokawa and is she dating Aqua in Oshi no Ko? (Image via Shueisha, Aka Akasaka)

Oshi no Ko has easily been one of the most loved anime this season. With its dark storyline and beautiful animation, the series has already captivated the hearts of many viewers. Out of all the major prospects of discussion, Aqua and Ruby have to take the lead.

Following Ai Hoshino’s unfortunate murder at the hands of an obsessed fan, Aqua and Ruby have been busy fulfilling their goals. Aqua wants to deliver justice upon Ai by killing the prime culprit of her murder, while Ruby wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a successful idol. However, one major character in the series who yet has not made her appearance yet is Akane Kurokawa. Aqua and Akane started dating each other eventually, before their apparent break-up in the recent chapters. Therefore, this article will throw light upon Akane Kurokawa and her relationship with Aqua in Oshi no Ko.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the manga.

Exploring Akane Kurokawa’s character in Oshi no Ko

Akane Kurokawa in Oshi no Ko
Akane Kurokawa (Image via Doga Kobo)

Akane is one of the most significant characters in the Oshi no Ko manga as she has a disposition strikingly similar to Ai Hoshino. She resembles her so much that Ruby instinctively said “mama” after she watched one of her videos. Moreover, Akane is an extremely talented actress in the series associated with the Lalalie Theatrical Company.

At one point she had a very solitary disposition, capable enough to be faded into the background. However, prior to an uncanny scandal at a reality dating show called “LoveNow”, her entire personality changed. That is when she started resembling Ai.

Akane Kurokawa’s relationship with Aqua explored

Akane Kurokawa and Aqua
Akane Kurokawa and Aqua (Image via Shueisha, Aka Akasaka)

Eventually, Akane and Aqua develop a pseudo-relationship that resembled a professional contract, instead of a bond. However, as time went by, Akane developed romantic feelings for Aqua and confessed her desire for an official relationship with him. Unfortunately, Aqua did not reciprocate the way she wanted as he revealed that he never harbored any true romantic feelings for her. He also reveals his goal of killing Ai’s murderer and does not want Akane to be involved in this mess. However, Akane refused to give up just yet.

After Chapter 80 of Oshi no Ko, Akane, and Aqua finally started dating officially after the latter kissed her without any ulterior motives this time. After the time skip in Chapter 81, the couple was seen to be separated due to their respective jobs, but that did not stop them from being together with each other quite often.

Akane Kurokawa in Oshi no Ko
Akane tries to stop Aqua’s plan (Image via Shueisha, Aka Akasaka)

However, months later she realized that she did not want Ai’s killer and Aqua to meet as she knew Aqua would be in trouble if he kills him. Therefore she researched and found the details of the murderer and prevented them from meeting. However, after a series of events Aqua finally knows who killed his mother, Ai Hoshino, thanks to Akane. He manages to convince Aqua of leaving him as he will now devote his entire life to killing the culprit. Therefore, right now they have apparently broken up. However, Akane still has not given up on Aqua, like previously in Oshi no Ko.

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