As the conclusion of Ash’s journey in the “Aim to be a Pokemon Master” anime miniseries draws near, The Pokemon Company is eagerly preparing for the next exciting adventure to come. The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Pokemon anime has been released. Stick around to know more!


The new teaser showcases some fresh faces, an intriguing plot, and the Japanese voice actors for the latest protagonists. It has also been revealed that a new main protagonist will be introduced, replacing everyone’s favorite Ash.

Pokemon Aim to Be a Pokemon Master new characters

A 50-second teaser with English subtitles has been unveiled on the official Pokemon YouTube channel, offering exciting new insights into the upcoming anime. While the series is yet to reveal its name, fans recently got to know about the protagonists, now confirmed to be called Liko and Roy.

  • Additionally, the trailer teased that Liko wears a special pendant that holds some significance to her and her Pokemon Journey.
  • On the other hand, Roy possesses a Poke Ball shrouded in mystery, featuring an intricate black and gold pattern. Based on his limited dialogue in the trailer, it appears that Roy holds a fascination for engaging in battles with formidable Legendary Pokemon.

What to expect from the new Aim to Be a Pokemon Master series?

The teaser provided a more detailed glimpse of Captain Pikachu and Friede, who happens to be a Pokemon Professor. We also see Liko in an academic environment, where she forms a bond with a new companion and Sprigatito as her partner.

Pokemon Aim to Be a Pokemon Master New Characters
Image Courtesy of @MathewNoris on Twitter

Paldean starters are shown in the series’ artwork, but Liko’s uniform differs from the protagonists in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Indicating that this academy is distinct.

Fans looking forward to the start of the new anime won’t have to wait long, as it’s set to debut in Japan through an hour-long special on April 14, 2023.

Ash’s exit from the Pokemon anime

Pokemon Aim to be Pokemon Master new protagonist
Image Courtesy of @scorbunnydream on Twitter
  • Pokemon Aim to be a Pokemon Master’s final episode will air on March 24th. Yes, this will indeed be Ash’s exit from the series as the main protagonist, making it a way for Liko and Roy.
  • While Pikachu will still remain in the next series, a new partner called Professor Friede will appear as his new partner.

Captain Pikachu, sporting an adorable captain’s hat, is an entirely different version of Ash’s Pikachu. This will surely be a cute addition of new characters in Pokemon Aim to be a Pokemon Master.

Where to watch Pokemon Aim to be a Pokemon Episode 9?

The release day of the popular Japanese anime series Pokémon Aim To Be A Pokemon Master Episode 9 is March 10, 2023. The title of this episode is “Rocket-dan Strikes Back!”.

You can watch Episode 9 of Aim to be a Pokemon at the given times:

  • 08:30 hrs Pacific Time – 10th March, Friday
  • 10:30 hrs Central Time – 10th March, Friday
  • 11:30 hrs Eastern Time – 10th March, Friday
  • 03:28 hrs Australian Standard Time – 10th March, Friday


Japanese fans can stream Pokemon Episode 9 on Tokyo TV at the above-mentioned times. Are you ready to witness this new series? Do let us know in the comments down below!

Sources: Official Pokemon Youtube

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