Ranking the 10 most intelligent male characters in anime history

The word Anime makes the mind travel through the words of power, beautiful fights, emotional storylines, and some random weird moments. Embracing all its qualities, anime has become an agglomeration of several subgenres such as shounen anime, Isekai anime, and so on.

However, one of the most neglected qualities in anime is the sheer intellect of certain characters that bring forward moments that are unlike any other. Some characters are potent enough to rule the world just with their brain. Therefore, keep reading as we list the top 10 most intelligent male characters in anime history. 

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and is based on the writer’s personal opinion on the matter.

Top 10 most intelligent male characters in anime 

10) Kiyotaka Ayanokoji (Classroom of the Elite)


most intelligent male characters in anime
Kiyotaka Ayanokoji (Image via Lerche)

One of the most potent manipulators and observers in anime history, this young teenager can deduce any plan you can ever think of. Being an introvert, he hid his prowess and intellect to live life as a common high-school student to fulfill his goal.

Ayanokoji not only has exceptional deduction skills but also great fighting prowess and calm instincts. Moreover, he can manipulate almost everyone and everything, even his own test scores to fifty out of a hundred- yes, all of them. He is by far one of the most intelligent male characters in anime history.

9) Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

Most intelligent anime characters of all time
Senku Ishigami (Image via Crunchyroll)

Although he is physically weak, Senku can do anything if it involves intellect. Be it celestial calculations, Quantum Physics, new inventions, or literally making the war machine, Senku has got your back. With his profound knowledge in all the various branches of science, Senku has saved humanity from calamity after 3000+ years of void.

While civilization was evolving from the stone age again, Senku transformed everything with scientific knowledge and his brilliant mind. Boasting an IQ of 220, Senku is easily one of the most intelligent male characters in anime history.

8) Shikamaru (Naruto series)

most intelligent male characters in anime history.
Shikamaru Nara (Image via Studio Pierrot)

No anime list based on sheer intelligence will be complete without Shikamaru. Boasting an IQ of 200+, he is the smartest character in the Naruto franchise. Due to his immense strategic capabilities, he was promoted from Genin to Chunin before all of his peers. He was the main pillar of war and mission strategies.

Shikamaru took down one of the strongest members of the Akatsuki, Hidan who was immortal, all by himself. All using just his intelligence. Therefore it is a no-brainer to put him on the list of the most intelligent male characters in anime.

7) Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

most intelligent male characters in anime history.
Saiki Kusuo (Image via J.C. Staff)

One of the strongest anime characters of all time, Saiki Kusuo had amazing intelligence too. Barring his overpowered psychic abilities with which he could anything, he had a whopping 300+ IQ. Although his IQ feats were not shown much in the anime compared to the other people on this list, he is still a part of the most intelligent population.

He could hypnotize and control the minds of the entire world according to his convenience, think of hundreds of different reasons and possibilities about any situation within a fraction of a second, and much more. Therefore he should be an imminent addition to the list of the most intelligent male characters in anime history.

6) Ranpo Edogawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)

most intelligentmale characters in anime
Ranpo Edogawa (Image via Bones)

When someone is the greatest detective in an anime all about detectives, he should be on this list. Ranpo has no supernatural power, yet can solve any case presented to him just within a matter of seconds. He has solved every case he has undertaken to date, and rightfully calls himself the greatest detective. His superhuman deduction skills are something that every detective would want in their life.

5) Lelouch Lamparogue (Code Geass)

most intelligent male characters in anime
Lelouch Lamperouge (Image via Sunrise)

Now we are heading toward the pure geniuses of the anime verse. Lelouch defeats an entire kingdom all by his intellect, and governs his enormous army. Although he was just a teenager, he took on the name Zero, absolutely crushed the opponents, and made his own kingdom. He is always a step ahead of his enemies and never wavered from any decision he thought to be the best- be it sacrificing even his own family or friends.

Lelouch was arguably one of the most dangerous and the most intelligent male characters in anime history.

4) Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

Most intelligent anime characters of all time
Sosuke Aizen (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The progenitor of the “it was all a part of Aizen’s plan” meme, Aizen shook the entirety of the soul society with his immaculate plan to dethrone the Soul King. The entire story of Bleach revolved around him, and nobody noticed it until he revealed himself as the mastermind.

After planning the entire plot throughout the series involving a series of enormous twists, Aizen can rightfully be called one of the most intelligent male characters in anime.

3) Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami Death Note
Light Yagami (Image via Madhouse)

You must have expected this name to show up in the top half of this list and here it is. Light Yagami was the prodigy student and mastermind behind the entity, Kira. His smart moves and out-of-the-box thinking made him the one person, the police just failed to take down.

From hiding the Death Note in his packet of chips to deleting and regaining his memory at the exact time of convenience to win against L, Light had always kept the audience on the edge of their seat. However, he lost his mind in the end, and that was the only reason he was caught.

2) L Lawliet (Death Note)

Death Note L
L Lawliet (Image via Madhouse)

It is quite rare to have two equally genius protagonists from the same anime clashing heads against each other, but Death Note proved otherwise. L was the head of the faction whose target was to catch Kira or Light. L was unsurpassed in terms of deduction skills and intelligence and was regarded as the world’s best detective. This detective pushed Kira into such a corner that he had to utilize the forbidden technique of using a Shinigami to kill L.

He guided the police throughout the series by predicting every single move of Kira precisely. Not having any support from any Shinigami, or the Death Note, he went up against the smartest criminal, Kira, and almost caught him. This feat itself makes him one of the most intelligent male characters in anime history.

1) Johan Liebert (Monster)

Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert (Image via Monster)

Johan Liebert is widely regarded as the best villain of all time. He is like Kira/Light but without any supernatural Death Note. He is just a normal human who bends the will of other humans with sheer intellect and manipulation. It is as if he had hypnotic powers to shake someone’s entire disposition. He is never in trouble, and if you ever find him in one, it was all a part of his plan. Liebert can make people kill themselves just by his words.

He was a mysterious character whom the viewers were left to judge at the end of the series. Therefore, not only to the characters from the anime but also to you too, he will forever remain a mystery.

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