Ranking the 5 best Blue Lock players after Chapter 212

After its commencement in 2021, Blue Lock has easily been one of the most successful manga in all of Japan. The sports manga by Muneyuki Kaneshiro also had an anime adaptation to its name that just concluded its Season 1 last week. The manga also released Chapter 212 to continue the Bastard vs Ubers match.

Fans have desperately wanted to see the growth of Isagi and his rivals throughout the journey of the Blue Lock program. The recent Chapter 212 did not disappoint as you see Isagi and Barou going against each other flaunting their strengths on the football field. Therefore, this is a ranked list of the 5 best Blue Lock players after Chapter 212.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s personal views. It also contains heavy spoilers from the manga. Moreover, this list only depicts the players who are from the Blue Lock program.

Blue Lock Chapter 212: Ranking the 5 best players from the program currently

5) Kenyu Yukimiya

Since declaring himself as the strongest one-on-one player in Japan, Yukimiya is known as the “1-on-1 Emperor.” Barring his superior latent abilities which made him a starter in Bastard Munchen, he never fails to assert his dominance on the pitch. Although he claims to be pacifist, his inquisitiveness never fails to show up while asking questions to Noel Noa, the current best player in the world. He also has a pretty charismatic personality which has helped him to be a very likable character throughout the manga.

Yukimiya was a part of the genius Top 6 of Blue Lock. Therefore, he has a huge repertoire of skills. His street skills, fast dribbles, body feints, and chops make him a feared opponent while he is on the ball. However, his gyro shot is an unstoppable force that can spin into the net from more than 30 yards out.

4) Shoei Barou

With a disposition contrary to Yukimiya, this tall striker plays the role of the “villain” on the football field. Barou has felt defeated and lost several times in the Blue Lock manga due to Isagi’s brilliance. However, he has now stood up yet again and has made himself worthy of a 100 million price tag. After the U-20 match against Japan national team, he is now a striker of a different echelon.

Playing for Ubers, Barou is a complete forward who scores goals for fun. He has every type of shooting ability in his arsenal, including severely powerful long shots. Barou is also a great ball carrier with chop dribbles, feints, stepovers, and heel flicks. Combining his dribbling with his physicality and strength makes him a lethal striker who will bring results game in and game out.

3) Seishiro Nagi

Nagi is easily one of the most talented individuals in all of Blue Lock. Although he has a lethargic personality with not much interest in other things, his footballing IQ is on point. Barring his unmotivated demeanor, he has amazing reflexes and skills. He is on good terms with Isagi, Reo, and Yukimiya and is looked up to by a lot of other players.

Currently playing for Manshine City as a creative midfielder, Nagi plays the False 9 role perfectly. His biggest weapon is his superior reflexes and ball control, which is second to no one. This has enabled him to score some outrageous goals and win matches. He also has magnificent dribbling skills and feinted shots. His new incomplete flow weapons, the “2 Stage Fake Volley Shot” and the “Five Shot Revolver Fake Volley” are just masterpieces in action, even in an incomplete state.

2) Yoichi Isagi

Isagi is the main character of this manga and is not as gifted as the other characters on this list. He was predominantly not a genius with nothing but his Spatial Ability as his strength. Isagi had to work his way through all the challenges, and develop his new strengths and IQ, to become the unstoppable force he is now.

Isagi gradually became an egoist like every great player and has earned his place in the Bastard Munchen starting lineup under Noel Noa. He uses his superior footballing IQ to investigate spaces and options on the field to get the essence of a goal. His “Goal scent” ability and adaptability during matches are unmatched. Isagi also has a great direct shot for volleys to score goals for himself. His meta vision ability combined with all other abilities takes him into his flow state where he is basically unstoppable. His flow state during the match against Manshine City was his most impressive feat in the Blue Lock manga. Now he faces Ubers in Chapter 212.

1) Rin Itoshi

Rin has always been the best in Blue Lock. An overall powerhouse, he is the number-one choice for every attacking department. He can shoot from anywhere in his half and has a graceful shooting technique. Ego Jinpachi wants to recreate Rin into his ideal striker and make him the world’s best. Rin has a heated rivalry with his brother Sae, who plays for the Royale youth club in Spain and is one of the best young midfielders in the world.

Currently playing for Paris X Gen, Rin is the ideal attacking playmaker with superior shooting stats and passing abilities. His free kicks are immaculate and always finds the net from anywhere in the final third. Rin can shoot from any angle and has all types of shooting techniques under his wing. He also has magnificent dribbling skills, such as elastico, stepovers, body feints, and knock-ons. Moreover, he has the spatial ability of Isagi where he can foresee tactics and movements, to decide on the best course of action. Rin covers almost the entire field and locks down players to create a path for his goal. He is the ideal egoist Jinpachi wants to create.

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