Re: Zero Season 3 Reportedly Confirmed
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The news that fans of the popular isekai-drama anime series have been waiting for has finally arrived. Re: Zero Season 3 is reportedly confirmed, and fans all over the world are already getting excited. Stick around to know more about what will happen in this next season.

Re: Zero has been one of the most popular anime series in recent years, with a massive following of fans who eagerly await each new episode. The series has already had two seasons, with the last one ending in 2021. And fans have been eagerly waiting for news about a third season.

Re: Zero Season 3 Reportedly Confirmed

Re: Zero Season 3 Reportedly Confirmed
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  • A leak is indicating that Re: Zero Season 3 will be announced at Anime Japan on the 25th, as per the Volume 33 information page.
  • Anime Japan will be starting on March 25th and many anime franchises are participating in this event. So you can expect more anime news from there too.

It is anticipated that the announcement will include a depiction of the anime, possibly in the form of a trailer or teaser. Fans may also receive a key visual by Otsuka-sensei, known for their work on the light novel. If the announcement includes the release date, fans will be ecstatic.

How well did Re: Zero Season 2 do in getting a third season?

The second season sold 5,000 Blu-ray copies per volume, a commendable figure for 2021. With that, the Re Zero series is among the top-selling light novels in Japan, with Volume 32 selling over 30,000 copies.

Re: Zero Season 3 Reportedly Confirmed
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Moreover, the Re Zero franchise has garnered substantial revenue from merchandise and figurines too.

  • With over 700 figurines and 3,500 merchandise items, the franchise has an extensive collection for just two seasons, which is quite impressive.
  • The second season saw a larger number of merchandise and figures compared to the previous season.

What to expect from Re: Zero Season 3? Is there enough manga material for the third arc?

It is possible that Season 3 will follow a split-cour production similar to that of Season 2, where the total number of episodes is divided in half over the year.

32 manga volumes exist as of 2022 and are well-received by manga readers. The second season has concluded, ending with the 13th volume. So, it is reasonable to assume that the new season will debut with Volume 14 of the manga series.

The second season concluded with the “The Tumultuous Week” arc. Shows Subaru’s recovery from his traumatic first day in a new world, much to the delight of fans. Re: Zero Season 3 will start with the “Return to the Capital City” arc, promising another beloved season of the anime that lives up to its hype.

Did Rem die in Season 2 or is she in Coma?

  • In season 2, while returning to the Capital with Crusch, Rem was assaulted by the Sin Archbishops of Greed and Gluttony.
  • Rem is in a coma but not dead. Gluttony’s power to consume a person’s name and existence has left Rem in a comatose state with erased memories and identity. Only Subaru can recall her existence using his “Return by Death” ability.

Watch Re: Zero at the Anime Japan 2023 Event

Viewers who are interested in watching Anime Japan 2023 live can tune into the official Anime Japan YouTube channel. The Re: Zero event will take place on March 25, 2023, on the Red Stage. Here are the time zones for the event around the world:

  • Japan Standard Time (JST) – 1:55 PM, March 25
  • Indian Standard Time (IST) – 9:30 AM, March 25
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST) – 12 AM, March 25


Watch the first two seasons of Re: Zero on Crunchyroll.

That’s everything to know about Re: Zero Season 3 being reportedly confirmed. Are you excited about this new season? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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