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The rapid transgression of transport systems has people wondering about futuristic possibilities since time immemorial. From flying cars to light-speed bullet trains. But today, I must stop you and ask. Have you ever considered seeing Anime mascots as a future prediction in technology’s greatest advancements? Bart Anime Mascots are the new big deal. Here’s what they are about.

  • As part of its initiative to entice riders, particularly younger individuals, the transit agency has unveiled a captivating ensemble of Bay Area-themed anime mascots.
  • This recent announcement by the transit system aims to rejuvenate interest in public transportation.

What is BART?

  • The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is an efficient and rapid transit system that operates in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Covering a vast network of 131 miles (211 kilometers) and serving 50 stations, BART consists of six routes.
  • Additionally, it includes a 9-mile (14 km) diesel multiple-unit vehicle spur line to Antioch and a 3-mile (4.8 km) automated guideway transit line that conveniently connects to the Oakland International Airport.

BART Is also one of the first in the US to become transit systems that offer passengers with stellar cellular telephone communication even when deep underground.

For their recent uptake, the purpose seems to attract a cultural impact. Given how trendy Anime is at the current age, it seems hardly a deflection to say that incorporating Anime mascots will go a long way to bringing long-term travellers for a particular age group. And in this case, them being the youth.

How is Bart Anime Mascot becoming a thing?

Bart Anime Mascots
Image courtesy of KRON San Francisco

BART collaborated closely with the chosen artists, jointly conceptualizing and bringing the mascots to life. With the aim of embodying “friendly and approachable avatars,” the mascots were meticulously crafted to resonate with the public. This collaborative effort ensures that the mascots align with BART’s vision of fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere for riders.

  • BART is a popular choice among commuters, with an average of 146,500-weekday passengers recorded during the fourth quarter of 2022. In 2022, the system served a staggering 41,286,400 annual passengers.
  • As a result, BART proudly stands as the fifth-busiest heavy rail rapid transit system in the United States.

Do we see Anime Mascots anywhere else? Is BART The first to do this?

Image via Wikipedia

This certainly isn’t the first time a country’s transport system has attempted this. Examples can be seen in Japan since long ago, but that’s natural considering Anime’s origin is in Japan to begin with.

  • Drawing inspiration from public transportation agencies in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, where anime mascots are frequently utilized to establish a connection with riders, the creation of these mascots was also influenced.
  • In line with this trend, BART sought out California-based artists through an open call in the summer of 2022, resulting in an impressive response of 500 submissions.

To begin with, Japan has become overwhelmed by its national mascot fascination. The abundance of mascots has reached such an extent that people are struggling to differentiate one from another, and their original associations with products, teams, programs, organizations, and social movements have become increasingly blurred.

Taiwan’s example

The K.R.T. Girls, known in Chinese as 高捷少女 (Gāo Jié Shàonǚ), are a quartet of anime-inspired characters serving as mascots for the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit system, which covers the metropolitan area of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. These characters include:

  1. Sora (小穹) – Portrayed as a station worker stationed at Yanchengpu Station.
  2. Amelia (艾米莉亞) – A character of mixed Taiwanese and German heritage, who assumes the role of a train driver.
  3. Ann (婕兒) – A skilled train mechanic.
  4. Nana (耐耐) – An announcer for the trains, powered by the Vocaloid software.

Together, these characters represent the various roles within the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit system, adding a touch of anime charm to the transportation experience in Kaohsiung.

BART Anime Mascots and their names

BART’s anime mascots comprise:

  1. “Baylee The GOAT” – A renowned online influencer symbolizing the goats employed by BART to graze the East Bay hills.
  2. “Nimus Bard of BART” – A historian accompanied by a hawk, drawing inspiration from Pac-Man the hawk.
  3. “Jasmine #1 Transit Fan” – Inspired by the enthusiastic BART fans who participated in the 50th-anniversary celebrations last year.
  4. “Mira the Train Operator” – A character representing a train operator, taking inspiration from the real BART train operators.
  5. “BARTY” – Resembling an R2-D2-like character, BARTY pays tribute to BART’s legacy fleet.


These five anime characters draw inspiration from BART frontline employees and the remarkable animals contracted by BART, such as the renowned “Pac-Man,” a Harris hawk specifically trained to deter pigeons. The mascots pay homage to these unique elements associated with BART, including the goats that graze on BART property.

Through the introduction of these lively anime mascots, BART hopes to create a renewed sense of appeal, capturing the attention and engagement of riders, especially the younger demographic.

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