Having finished off by 2021, Solo Leveling Manhwa has amassed a terrific fan base. Almost a year went by before we hit any news regarding this manhwa. Other than of course, the obvious news of the new Anime. The Solo Leveling creator passed away last year. Now, in a sudden burst, we hear something brewing in the winds. A Solo Leveling side story is reportedly in the works.

The end of the year 2021 saw the end of the epic Manhwa Solo Leveling.  For the uninitiated, Manhwas are the Korean category of Mangas. They are different in the sense that they are usually colored, and released online.

To respect the late illustrator of Solo Leveling Manhwa – DUBU?

The illustrator of the Solo Leveling, pen named DUBU, passed away on the 23rd of July, 2022. He was not only the ‘manhwaka’ (if you will) of the series, but also the CEO of REDICE Studio – the one famed for drawing the Solo Leveling Manhwa.

Oh well, Dubu is still not the original creator. Why? Because Solo Leveling is based on a light novel of the same name. DUBU’s actual name was Jang Seong-rak. The series’ prospect for the upcoming future dwells only on potential success.

There’s a Solo Leveling Anime coming

  •  The official anime adaptation that we are looking at is by A-1 Pictures. even with the recent controversies regarding its localization and the mixed track record of the studio itself, fans are excited.

What is the Solo Leveling Side Story release about?

Solo Leveling Anime
Image Courtesy of KakaoPage
  • Now we finally get to the vocal point of this news, which is that it is in fact true that Solo Leveling is receiving an expansive new spin-off series, as it prepares for its 2023 resurgence.

This spin-off will serve as the lead project for Solo leveling this year in the context of a love letter to the Late Author and to also create hype for the anime, which is also primarily the reason why it will be released earlier than the anime.

Who will produce the Solo Leveling side story Manhwa?

The spin-off will be handled in-house by Redice Studio (Dubu’s own art publishing company) and is set to release by the summer of 2023, narrowing it down to likely the death anniversary of Dubu on July 23rd.

What will be its plot?

Solo Leveling Manhwa
The ancient god in Solo Leveling, Via Webtoon.com

The story is being named a Solo Leveling Side Story as of now. Also, given that its primary goal is to hype up the crowd for the upcoming Solo Leveling Anime Anime. There are only two ways for the side story to go. Firstly, it might be an original side story.

  1. What’s original? Well the Solo Leveling manhwa in itself is based on a light novel. As such, the light novel does have a few side stories which have not been adopted.
  2. It’s also entirely possible the Solo Leveling side story will be one that is not based on the light novel itself. Because it’s DUBU, who illustrated the Manhwa but did not write it. To honor him, there may be some newly written original Solo Leveling side story.

And this example is given by reddit user TheFlipFlopDragon – imagine a side story of “a day in the life of – shadow soldier” of everyone, from Igris, Beru, Tusk, Bellion, Tank, Iron, and even one for Greed. 


Solo Leveling Side Story Creator Dubu
Image courtesy of webtoon.com

On a case of reflection, Co-creator Chugong along with the rest of the Redice team stated, “Dubu was a leader, a teacher, and a pioneer of painting. He is a person that is respected by everyone who has worked with him. He has also left many outstanding students in the world including us while running his companies and studios,”.

This a heartfelt tribute to a man loved by many and we hope his legacy continues to stay relevant in the ever-changing media.

A Solo Leveling Game?

There is also announced a Solo Leveling mobile game being developed by the critically acclaimed netmarble studios.  Even with the bit of information that is available to cover, the recently teased gameplay along with the reassurance provided by the developers has given the game enough merit to gain a lot of excited supporters from the community and we hope it turns out to be a massive success

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