to your eternity season 2 release
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Emotions are left quite stirred for anyone who is initiated into the curious world of To Your Eternity. Fumetsu no Anata e literally translates to “To You, the Immortal” and tells a story befitting of its name. Written and illustrated by the genius of Yoshitoki Oima who is globally known for his worldwide hit A Silent Voice/ Koe no Katachi. Ever since the Manga’s serialization in Shueisha’s weekly shonen magazine, it has been pitched for an anime adaption. Today we anticipate the premiere of To Your Eternity Season 2; what can expect from it and when exactly does it release?

To Your Eternity Season 2 is all scheduled for release on October 23, 2022. With only a few weeks to go before its premiere, fans are penned to wonder what to expect from it. Stay tuned as we bring you up-to-date with all the developments of the second season of this seasoned anime returning after a year.

To Your Eternity Season 2 Release

Talks about a possible development of To Your Eternity Manga happened until it finally found its ground in April 2021. Being animated by Brain’s Base (known notably for Oregairu, Durarara!!, Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun, Hotarubi no Mori e, Baccano!! etc), the Anime was promised to be well received critically given the history of its manga.

The Manga has thus far accumulated multiple sales and awards.  As such it was anticipated to be thoroughly well-received, which it eventually was. With the ending of the first season came a teaser in the ending episode. The last episode of To Your Eternity Season 1 teased a grown-up Fushi in the modern age of the 21st Century.

To Your Eternity will be streamed by Crunchyroll worldwide starting October 23.

To Your Eternity Season, 1 told the compelling story of a cosmic entity that can shapeshift

For the uninitiated, To Your Eternity tells the story of a nameless Orb-like entity from the deepest reaches of the universe and is referred to as “It”. The orb-like entity is capable of transmutation of itself to match whatever object it first glances upon. Cast into Earth, the orb first becomes a rock, then moss.

fushi is first a moss
“It” is first a moss as shown in episode 1, via Ani-One Asia

After a pet snow wolf dies at its front, the moss then shapes itself according to the wolf shortly before its death. “It” transmutes its existence to match the wolf’s entire structure to the molecular level. It even imitated the wounded leg that had caused the wolf to bleed to death. The wolf belongs to a boy living somewhere in the Arctic region of North America.

Why the Story of To Your Eternity is different from other alien-genre stories

The story is very well sought out. It’s often referred to as an emotional roller coaster, and deservingly so. The story’s primary figure is the enigma of an alien species that can only mutate by copying the object within its range of scanning. Shapeshifting characters and features are not fiction’s latest work, but an entity that takes whatever form it first sees is a compelling story.

To Your Eternity really sells on its innovative narrative, especially when we see “It” first trying to adapt into consciousness. What nature took billions of years to achieve, this entity did in mere seconds. From an inanimate cluster of molecules into an animal with consciousness, the story of “It” instantly captures you.

Pointing out the subtle parts in which To Your Eternity story feels innovative and new

One of the promising points of the plot is the subtlety with which it carried certain elements.

  • For example, Joan, the snow wolf of a boy in the arctic region, wanted to return to his master after his death.
  • “It” transferred the entirety of the wolf’s existence into itself, including the longing for the master.

As such it was natural for “It” to wander into the goal of its subject. The way the tale deviates from a usual alien parasite that hinges on humans and transforms like them is that this “It” does not have a particular goal or sentient thought of its own. It simply copies whatever form, consciousness, or matter it sees and touches.

beholder, the creator of it in season 1
Creator of Fushi, The Beholder. Courtesy of Ani-One Asia

The way “It” transforms from the snow wolf into the wolf’s master is also a telling tale of a boy who got left behind by his tribesmen. The tribe’s people apparently went far away from their habitat in search of a paradise that would shelter them from the blizzards and ravaging cold.

The story of To Your Eternity is an immortal being’s journey toward the culmination of its spiritual realization and deals with subjects of self-consciousness in a compelling manner. 

How To Your Eternity Season 2: what to expect?

Fushi in to your eternity season 2 anime
A grown up time-skip Fushi as seen in the last episode of S1, via Ani-One Asia

The first season concluded itself in twenty episodes, running from April to August 2021. The first season left us with a teaser for the second season together with a time skip. The time skip ended with a grown-up Fushi being thrown from the jungle and into the seashore. The anime will go on to adapt the Guardian Arc that introduces the Guardian Force. The group helps citizens as well as Fushi against the alien entity’s arch nemesis – the nokkers.

Post-time skip story will eventually lead to a 21st-century timeline in possible season 3

to your eternity season 2 release
Fushi – the original human when “It” was only the wolf Joan, via Ani-One Asia

To Your Eternity Season, 2 will adapt the Second half of the first act of the manga and will possibly end before the end of the first act. The second act starts by introducing the New World Arc.

Which time period is it shown in To Your Eternity Season 1 storyline?

Season 1 adapted the first act and was set in the time period of Around 1200 AD, in a fictional history of Earth. This means it is set in the medieval to late modern time period. Certain technological aspects of the Anime were more modern, while the archaeological setting seemed archaic in comparison.

What time period can Season 2 be based on?

  • Season 2 will be based decades (almost 40 years) after the stories of season 1. While if our estimation is correct and it concludes with the ending of the first act completely, the third season should start to tell the story centuries after the ending of season 1.
  • Fushi, currently in the Manga is now an inhabitant of the new modern world ravaged by bustling industrialization and a rushing capitalist society. He has successfully defeated the Nokkers, fulfilling his goal and the goal of his friends.

Either this or it is also entirely possible that Season 2 finishes the last half of the first act in one cour while the second cour continues with the second act of the manga. As such, the possibility of the later half of Season 2 is as follows –

Season 2 can also possibly introduce a school setting in modern world

joan as seen in the last episode of the season 1 of Fumetsu no Anata e
Joan’s appearance by “It” in To Your Eternity, courtesy of Ani-One Asia

To Your Eternity Season, 2 (if not 3) should introduce a handful of new characters, given how everyone else other than Fushi seems to die from mortality. The most notable aspect of the story will be how Fushi still seems to not be able to relate to individuals very well. Fushi has lived in a number of different species, including fish. As such he naturally finds it difficult to eat fish.


But despite having been a human, it seems the hurdles of emotional complexity are still puzzling to the alien entity. A possible second half of To Your Eternity Season 2 will deal especially with Fushi making sense of the complexities of the human psyche in a modern world, and how it isn’t always possible to give people what they want.

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