After Berserk Author’s Death, Togashi unveils Hunter x Hunter ‘Dropped Ending’ to Avoid Incomplete Series

Hunter X Hunter dropped ending confirms the series end

The acclaimed manga series Hunter x Hunter has been on an indefinite hiatus for years now, as creator Yoshihiro Togashi struggles with severe back pain that makes it agonizingly difficult for him to work. The pain has left Togashi bedridden at times and has even resulted in partial loss of function in his drawing hand.

Fans have been very concerned about Togashi’s health, but they’ve also worried that Hunter x Hunter may never receive a proper conclusion, much like the tragic fate of Berserk after its author Kentaro Miura suddenly passed away.

  • However, it seems Togashi shares fans’ desire for closure. In a surprising announcement, he revealed plans to unveil a ‘Dropped Ending’ for Hunter x Hunter on November 21st’s episode of TV Asahi’s Iwakura and Yoshizumi Show. Togashi apologized in advance, stating “if he passed away before finishing the series, that’d be its ending.”

But what exactly does Togashi mean by a ‘Dropped Ending’? The vague description has left fans speculating, but it suggests Togashi has prepared a conclusion of sorts to avoid leaving Hunter x Hunter unfinished in the event of his death. For a series infamous for hiatuses and uncertainty, this development offers hope of an ending for fans who’ve awaited it for so long.

Togashi’s Backup Plan: Hunter X Hunter ‘Dropped Ending’ Explained

How will Hunter X Hunter end manga hiatus explained
Image via Nippon Animation

In a recent announcement, Togashi revealed that he has three potential ending scenarios in mind for Hunter x Hunter, which he labeled as Endings A, B, and C.

Ending A would satisfy around 50% of readers but dissatisfy 20%, presenting a safe middle ground option. Ending B has similar projected satisfaction and dissatisfaction rates, while Ending C is Togashi’s personal preference despite anticipating high dissatisfaction of 90% and only 10% satisfaction. However, even though Ending C aligns most with the creator’s vision, Togashi indicated he likely won’t choose this unpopular option.

  • Togashi then mentioned a potential Ending D, not among the three candidates, that could serve as the manga’s conclusion if he becomes unable to finish the series as intended. This ‘dropped ending’ will supposedly be revealed in full detail on the November 21st Yoshizumi Show episode.
  • Essentially, Ending D seems to be a backup ending that Togashi has already mapped out, which would become the canon conclusion for Hunter x Hunter if the author is unable to recover from his health issues and complete the series.

While fans hope Togashi regains his health to finish the story on his own terms, this dropped ending ensures closure just in case the worst happens. It’s a bittersweet reassurance – not the ideal scenario but better than an indefinite hiatus if Togashi cannot continue.

A Tranquil Finale: The General Outline of Togashi’s ‘Dropped Ending’

Hunter X Hunter dropped ending shows Killua and Gon
Image via Nippon Animation

Thanks to early sources, we have the general direction of the ‘dropped ending’ Togashi has prepared for Hunter x Hunter. He is set to delve into more details during his upcoming interview.

  • In the dropped Hunter X Hunter ending, we see Jin (Gon’s granddaughter), catching the mystical Lake Lord fish on a tranquil island. She promises her worried mother she won’t leave to become a Hunter like her grandfather. The ending implies Jin desires staying on the island, though her lineage makes her mother wonder if she’ll change her mind.
  • Later, a frustrated Jin laments that her grandmother Noko quietly leaves when Gon nostalgically discusses his Hunter days. This suggests Noko disapproved of Gon’s obsession with adventure. In a heartwarming conclusion, Jin expresses her wish to always be with someone she loves, and a chubby child agrees, revealing a shared dream of staying together.
  • The ending shows life continuing for various descendants, with Jin possibly adopted. A watching figure hinted to be Killua observes it all, bringing a bittersweet finality.

While not the grand finale some expected, this tranquil ending focuses on peace and relationships beyond adventure. Togashi will reveal more specifics soon, but this overview provides the general direction of the ‘dropped ending’ if he cannot finish the manga.


Yoshihiro Togashi’s revelation of a ‘Dropped Ending’ for Hunter x Hunter has brought a mix of emotions to fans eagerly awaiting closure for the acclaimed manga series. The announcement, while offering a semblance of assurance that the story may not remain unfinished, also serves as a stark reminder of Togashi’s ongoing battle with severe health issues.

As the fandom awaits the full details of Togashi’s ‘Dropped Ending,’ the collective wish is for the mangaka’s health to improve, allowing him to continue and conclude Hunter x Hunter in a manner that does justice to the intricate and beloved story he created.