Animators have more chances than live-action directors with regard to fantastic narrating, which isn’t to say that animation is simple. With a few exceptions, movies or books still have a way to tank. While anime-to-live action range from mediocre to “actual nightmare”. Nevertheless, live-action animes are terrible. But do we want to see them anyway? Hell yeah. Below are the Top 10 Anime series that we wish to see in Live Action.

Live-action anime adaptations often feel like extremely risky endeavors, especially in America. And just like that, many American live-action adaptations of anime seem doomed before they even go into production. Still, many times, viewers can’t help but just to wonder will any live-action anime adaptation survive and even gain benefits from it.

Enough with the nerdy talks, let’s move on to the Top 10 Anime series that we all wish to see in Live Action:

10. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

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Showa Genroku is definitely one of the historical fiction that hasn’t been an anime go-to, but these period pieces are the best live-action has to offer. Crowds are fascinated by the ensembles, the convincing recreation regarding a world lost to them, and the profound connection felt with times past.

  • No anime in recent times has firmly grounded as Showa Rakugo. The series follows an older rakugo master reminiscing on his life, which already feels like a biopic.
  • And disclosures happen in different time spans throughout the series. With the right cast, preferably rakugo performers, a live-action Showa Rakugo will be one hell of a thing to look out for.

9. Megalo Box

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Few films are as inspiring as Rocky, and even decades later, sequels actually acquire awards. In Japan, sports manga and anime have been equally inspiring over the years. When MAPPA rethought Ashita No Joe as Megalobox in 2018, they revived a kind that had been winding down in recent years. They even brought boxing to a modern setting.

In Megalo Box, boxers are equipped with metal frames that make the game more violent and, honestly, seriously engaging. This combination of sci-fi and sports into the TV as a live-action would certainly be exciting.

8. Fate/Zero

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Telling the story of the fourth Holy Grail War, in which seven masters summon legendary heroic spirits, to fight for the titular grail’s incredible power. Fate/Zero is the anime that doesn’t bind itself by the story of its original light novel.

  • It takes time and builds new world lores and relationships between characters with combat scenes as epic as you can’t even imagine.
  • Therefore, bringing it into live-action will be the best thing that anime watchers could ever experience.

7. Black Lagoon

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Manga artist Rei Hiroe wrote Black Lagoon after taking inspiration from Tarantino, Joh Woo, and even Stephen King. That’s why it’s no big surprise Black Lagoon’s anime variation stays one of the best action anime ever.

Featuring an international cast of amazing characters, bringing this series into live-action would be a great decision. As action films kind of seem dull nowadays. Not to forget, it has to find a worthy contestant to play the main role of Revy.

6. Given

given show
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In the past decade, the world has seen a decrease in dying teens in young adult series. In many cases, female characters die in order to propel the story of male characters, such as in Your Lie in April. But Given doesn’t even close to this.

  • Even though there is trauma in the series, the characters are fully understood and the focal story is direct and reminiscent.
  • As the main characters find solace through music, a live-action of this cannot be ignored by anyone. It already has an amazing romance story, but the world could always use more.

5. One Punch Man

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You are a big fan of Superman, Iron Man, or such superhero movies? But can’t find any in the anime genre. Well, One Punch Man is the show that can absolutely work in the current climate or superhero fiction. Where comic books are still good but the more there are, the more audience will love to blend into them.

  • Saitama’s crisis is that he’s excessively strong for anything to challenge him, which flips the whole genre on its head and perhaps makes another one.
  • A live-action of this will definitely take the whole world excited, with more hopes and wishes for it to be better.

4. Yuri!!! On Ice

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Yuri!!! On Ice has already received almost universal critical acclaim and the help of the global figure skating community. The show boasted an awesome female director, a wonderful score, and LGBTQ themes rarely explored in anime. Considering this, it’s all difficult to accept a live-action doesn’t as of now exist.

If real skaters are cast in these roles, the live-action anime can definitely be a hit.

3. Baccano!

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In our list of Top 10 Anime Series that we wish to see in Live Action, I present to you, Baccano! The gangster show that we all need a live-action adaptation for. Writer Ryohgo Narita was inspired to make this show after watching The Untouchables. The result is a truly great series that Takahiro Omori later adapted into an action fantasy anime.

Getting a Baccano! adaptation would be one specific brand of magic that Hollywood knows best.

2. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

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You must have heard of The Shawshank Redemption, which had a great impact on the generation of viewers in America. Well, Rainbow Nisha has the potential to become Japan’s Shawshank Redemption. Both are settings based on humanizing a prison, and the exploration of characters in confinement is something epic to look out for.

Ultimately, Rainbow Nisha does for teens what Shawshank did for adult characters. It deserves a wide range of audience as possible.

1. Violet Evergarden

top 10 anime series that we wish to see in live action
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In our list of Top 10 Anime series that we wish to see in live-action is Violet Evergarden. Just because a series has speculative elements doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make for a great live-action. Violet Evergarden is a fantasy show, that fits best into the magical realism genre.

The story follows a traumatized soldier learning to be a human again. Fans would love to experience a live-action adaptation based on this amazing story that is unforgettable.


While fans hesitate at the idea of live-action anime adaptations, real otakus will pay good money to see adaptations of these anime in theatres. This basically wraps up our list of the Top 10 Anime Series that we wish to see in live-action.

Is there any anime that you’d like to see in live-action? Let us know in the comments down below!

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