Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hell's Paradise 2023

The latest Hell’s Paradise is a place in anime where you can meet amazing characters. It’s full of dangerous assassins and swordsmen who can cut through anything. Only the strongest can survive in this world. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023).

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hell’s Paradise (2023)

10. Tao Fa

Tao Fa is always happy as if she has never had a bad day. This is very different from her partner, Ju Fa, who is always grumpy and serious. She is so skilled with a sword that she can easily compete with experts like Tamiya Gantetsusai and Yamada Asaemon Fuchi without even getting tired.

And when she combines with Ju Fa to enter their Kishikai state, things become even more intense and exciting.

9. Ju Fa

In the series, just by the glance of Ju Fa, we can say that he has some serious anger issues, and every small thing that annoys him makes him lose control. He even went as far as destroying Zhu Jin’s head just because they let a human gain an advantage.

When Ju Fa combines with Tao Fa and enters their Kishikai state, he reveals his real strength. He fights fiercely against the Aza brothers, Tamiya Gantetsusai, and even Yamada Asaemon Fuchi, who is ranked ninth among the Yamada clan’s swordsmen.

8. Ran


Ran is extremely loyal, especially when it comes to his friend Rien. He considers the Tensens as his family and is extremely devoted to them. When he finally met his long-lost sister Mei again, you could see how happy he was.

In combat, Ran is incredibly powerful. He easily outmatched Yuzuriha and Gabimaru with his skills and effortlessly defended himself against their attacks. Making him no. 8 in our list of Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hell’s Paradise.

7. Zhu Jin

Image Courtesy of Viz MediaZhu Jin is the perfect example of someone who lacks enthusiasm. He constantly appears bored and uninterested, and you can tell just by looking at his face. His careless attitude often leads him into trouble.

When he confronts powerful enemies, Zhu Jin is so careless that he has to depend on his Kishikai abilities to correct his mistakes. However, he is still one of the most powerful beings.

6. Shija

Shija considers himself a tool for his master and remains incredibly devoted to the mission. Other things, including his ninja friends, don’t hold much importance to him. When Kiyomaru commanded Kumokiri to end his own life, Shija showed no emotional reaction.

He is a genuine Iwagakure shinobi in every way and even has been selected as the potential heir to the renowned Gabimaru the Hollow.

5. Jikka

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hell's Paradise 2023
Image Courtesy of r/ConfusedAnimeGirls

Compared to others in his clan, particularly Shugen, Jikka has a more laid-back attitude toward his work. He believes that being patient and staying calm will make everything work out just fine.

This third-ranked Asaemon is not someone to be underestimated, as the Yamada clan considers him one of their most powerful members. He successfully defeated a Wadatsumi and escaped from Kotaku without any harm, becoming the first person ever to achieve this.

4. Aza Chobei

Chobei is a rebellious person who lives life according to his own rules. Instead of finding peaceful solutions, he prefers to physically confront the Doshi and give them a beating. After awakening Tao, he quickly learned how to manipulate it to his advantage

  • When it comes to fights, Chobei is extremely cruel and takes pleasure in causing pain and suffering to his opponents.
  • However, he is also fiercely protective of his younger brother Toma and will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

3. Shugen

In our list of Top 10 Strongest Character’s in Hell’s Paradise, at no. 3 we have Shuge. Shugen considers his role as an executioner to be important and feels proud of his title as an Asaemon.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hell's Paradise 2023
Image Courtesy of Viz Media
  • What makes Shugen different is his sincere concern for his fellow comrades. He is a forward-thinking person who recognizes talent regardless of gender.
  • In terms of power, Shugen is at the top. The other Asaemon admires him as the strongest among them.

2. Gabimaru

Even when Gabimaru faces the threat of death or dangerous criminals, he remains unfazed and indifferent. He is a genius and exceptional shinobi. Even as a child, he displayed incredible natural talent and managed to survive intense training in Iwagakure.

He is renowned as the most powerful “Gabimaru the Hollow,” and ninjas from all villages both fear and respects him.

1. Rien

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hell's Paradise 2023
Image Courtesy of Viz Media

In our list of Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hell’s Paradise, at no. 1 we have Rien. Rien is completely dedicated to bringing her deceased husband, Jofuku, back to life. She’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing her own humanity.

For centuries, she has patiently endured numerous failures with the Banko in order to achieve her goal. As a Tensen, she possesses extraordinary abilities that make even the other Sennin appear inexperienced. With a simple gesture, she can turn superhumans like Chobei into liquid puddles.


That was our list of Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hell’s Paradise. What do you think about it? Did we miss someone? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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