Top 5 Anime series like Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

The world lately has seen an array of things that would flip-flop someone who existed in a non-Netflix era. Yep, Netflix’s hit series ‘Dahrmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘ as the name indicates is based on a real-life serial killer. Actor Evan Peters himself admitted that it was quite difficult preparing for a role of such a grotesque serial killer. Here’s a little inside story: My uppers here at Spieltimes wanted to know what anime feels a lot like Dahmer’s story. So here we go, the Top 5 Anime series like the Jeffrey Dahmer story. 

How we are going to base a ‘Top 5 series Anime Like Dahmer’ list

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story season 2
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Jeffrey Dahmer was a hideous manhunting serial killer with over 17 body counts. And that’s not the ‘body count body count’ that you may think defines a man’s manhood. It’s the count that terms you a savage animal. Yes, the criticism of serial killers is hard and plenty. Empathy is lacking and maybe it is even rightly so.

  • But the themes of a series that points itself at discovering the psyche of a serial killer usually contain certain keywords.
  • The keywords are very apparent here, psychological, monster, killing, gore, blood, mind games, etc.

From these keywords, we will dive into the Top 5 Anime that can give you the same sinister feel as Netflix’s Monster. 

5. The Future Diary / Mirai Niki

Future Diary Anime Series like Netflix's Dahmer
Gasai Yuno and Yuki, via IMDB

The Future Diary is calm in its approach. The series is written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. Of all the things you’ll know The Future Diary or Mirai Niki for, firstly is its introduction of the character Gasai Yuno.

  1. In some sense, Gasai Yuno is not really like Jeffrey Dahmer. But at other points, she is exactly like Dahmer as well.
  2. There’s a certain pathological aspect to the character’s psychology. So much so that the anime community started a name for this kind of character – Yandere.
  3. A Yandere is a psychotic obsessive lover who will go to any lengths to be with their love. And they usually end up doing so with many themes including a blood-tinted rose, thorns, and gore.

The Future Diary tells the story of a Deus Ex Machina who starts a brutal game of murder. The Deus is a god of Space and Time and grants 12 users a diary that is capable of registering future events for up to ninety days. The game is a battle royale whereas the winner is granted omnipotent powers. The main protagonist Gasai Yuno falls for the other protagonist, Amano Yukiteru.

4. Paranoia Agent

Top 5 Anime Series Like Dahmer
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Paranoia Agent is yet another bizarre anime about a social phenomenon that occurs in Musashino, Tokyo. Written and directed by Satoshi Kon, this anime original is produced by the famous studio Madhouse. In some sense, this anime is Japan’s Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm street, or Texas Chainsaw Murderer.

  • There’s this assailant killer named Lil’ Slugger. His actual Japanese name is something like Shonen Bat, which translates to mean “Bat Boy”. The bat does not refer to the animal but to a Bat as used in Baseball.
  • The assailant causes a streak of victims, both civilians, and detectives who dare to investigate him. As the story unfolds, a series of connections tie up the killers’ victims while also revealing the truth about him as well.

3. When They Cry: Seagulls / Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Jeffrey Dahmer
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Based on a visual novel that has over 120 hours of playtime, the Anime When They Crey: Seagulls is actually the third installment. The anime is often considered in the fandom as one of the most horrible visual novel adaptations ever. It butchers the plot and its characters.

  • But in its defense, I would concur that adopting a 120-hour playtime game with diverse roads, choices, and options isn’t always possible in an anime.
  • Although we have seen legendary works such as Steins Gate, we must remember its playtime was not as large as this VN.

  1. The story takes place on an island where the Ushiromiya family holds a reunion conference. During the family’s dinner, all hell breaks loose when a letter appears magically out of nowhere. The letter mentions an epitaph that details the whereabouts of the family gold. The mysterious unfolding forces the family members to solve the epitaph and find the family god.
  2. The family dies in uncertain, grotesque, and heinous ways one by one as the riddles are solved or unsolved. The story takes place in 8 episodes and each feels like a repetition. The primary psychopathic element is the villain named Beatrice who is hell-bent on making sure the protagonist suffers.

2. Erased / Boku dake ga Inai Machi 

Anime Series like Netflix's Dahmer
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Erased is ranked 2nd on the list of Top 5 Anime series like Dahmer story primarily because of how beloved it is in the community, plus its well-built plot. As a short warning, do note that the anime begins fantastically although degrades in some manner by the end. The story of Erased mixes the time travel element from Future Diary and also retains a serial killer story.

  1. The story revolves around Satoru Fujinuma who lives in Chiba. Things change when Satoru realizes he possesses a time-traveling ability he calls ‘revival’. It sends him back in time to moments before a life-changing incident occurred. In 2006, Satoru is 29 years old and lives with his mother.
  2. One day when his mother is murdered in an unknown serial killing, he unconsciously uses revival to go back 18 years into the past. Satoru is given a chance to find out this killer who has been committing murders for over two decades in the present (2006).

He tries to save his mother in the long run, but also stops a kidnapping incident that killed three of his childhood friends.

1. Monster

Monster anime like Netflix's Dahmer
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The name here is not the only component that Monster anime shares with Netflix’s Monster: A Jeffrey Dahmer story. It is currently one of the highest-rated and most popular anime in the famous decentralized user-based database, MyAnimeList.

  1. Monster anime follows the story of Dr. Kenzou Tenma who is a top-grade neurosurgeon. Kenzou’s life changes when one day he is about to perform surgery. The hospital director calls him telling him to switch patience and instead do brain surgery on some famous artists. Although Dr. Tenma saves the artist, the one on who the Doctor was originally supposed to perform surgery dies. The death of this person causes Dr. Tenma in a spiral of criticism of his own conscience.
  2. Another time, Dr. Tenma is faced with a similar decision. This time he stands up to his conscience and pushes to perform surgery on a young boy named Johan Liebert. Against this was the choice of the town’s mayor. The decision leads Dr. Tenma down through hell as everyone condemns such a decision. But when the director and two other doctors die, Dr. Tenma naturally gains his hierarchical position back. Dr. Tenma eventually becomes the hospital director. 
  3. Flash forward to nine years later, Dr. Tenma’s life strangles in strange ways. Apparently, the boy he performed surgery on was no simple boy, but a monster, a criminal, and a killer.

  • The reason why Monster anime will resound so darkly yet strangely similar to Netflix’s Dahmer is because of Johan Liebert, the primary antagonist of the series. However, unlike Jeffrey Dahmer, Johan has certain unusual capabilities.
  • He is capable of killing someone by psychologically influencing them, to the point he can induce them into suicide.

The way Monster anime unfolds will send you similar shivers, nearing to how it must have done with the Jeffrey Dahmer story.

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