Top 5 Boruto Characters who need to step up their game

Top 5 Boruto Characters who need to step up their game

Many key figures in Boruto must increase their skills and narrative impact to stay relevant as the stakes escalate. Several characters have immense untapped potential to become integral to Boruto’s journey if utilized properly. Let’s look at the Top 5 Boruto Characters who need to step up their game.

Top 5 Boruto Characters who need to step up their game

5. TenTen

Finally, Tenten’s tremendous weapon mastery could be augmented by integrating scientific ninja tools to diversify combat dynamics. Having her directly aid Team 7 more often or even mentor them in advanced ninja tools could establish her as a guiding figure.

Given that the original series hardly used her properly, the new era’s scientific ninja tools might finally make her relevant. Outfitting her in mech suits or ninja tech armor could be one oddly intriguing solution.

4. Rock Lee

Top 5 Boruto Characters who need to step up their game
Image Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Rock Lee remains committed to intense taijutsu training but tends to provide comic relief rather than impactful support in fights. He was reduced to a fodder character in the Isshiki fight, without even giving him a chance to showcase his gates.

Integrating his sheer physical power into more pivotal battles could make him a relevant player while upholding his lighthearted persona. Unlocking the Eight Inner Gates technique at one point could make him a trump card against exceptionally strong foes, if Naruto, Sasuke, or other Godly characters are unavailable.

3. Shinki

Having Shinki play a bigger part in the main plot while developing bonds with Boruto’s peers could add dimension to his character, something that the manga has yet to explore.

Making full use of his Magnet Release abilities could allow innovative displays of his Iron Sand. Given the kind of threats the next generation will be facing, Shinki might even have to become the next Jinchuriki of Shukaku. 

2. Shikiadai Nara

Top 5 Boruto Characters who need to step up their game
Image Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Shikadai Nara has yet to fully tap into his potential, despite his intellect. As Shikamaru’s son, he is well-positioned to play a strategic role in battles to come. Expanding his shadow manipulation techniques and giving him more leadership responsibilities could organically heighten his status.

Allowing him to unlock Shadow Paralysis on a mass scale could make him critical to immobilizing enemies while showcasing the abilities of other Kekkai Genkai outside of the Sharingan.

1. Konohamaru Sarutobi

As Boruto’s sensei, he should be a guiding force in Boruto’s shinobi development. Yet Konohamaru has lacked narrative focus and seems outmatched against major threats.

For him to fulfill his mentor role, he needs greater combat capabilities and chances to impart meaningful wisdom. Potential power-ups could include learning sage mode or new nature releases like Wind Style to diversify his Rasengan. Giving him summoning abilities like his grandfather Hiruzen could also expand his arsenal.


Ultimately, all these characters demonstrate immense potential for expanded narrative impact if properly utilized. Their unique strengths and abilities are primed to compellingly amplify Boruto’s coming-of-age journey. With the proper focus, they could organically enhance the stakes while upholding the central themes of Naruto and Boruto.

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