Top 5 Cyberpunk Animes and Mangas recommendation with Anime Punk Genres to explore! Punk or Punk-Punk is an umbrella term for the entire web of genres that stem from Cyberpunk.

As mentioned in the title, this ain’t the ending here. More parts are yet to come with much more exciting recommendations and knowledge to gain. So first, let’s dive into this verse of the punk genre.


What is Anime Punk Genre?

Top 5 Cyberpunk Animes and mangas
Courtesy of the Culture Trip

Since the advent of the Cyberpunk genre, a number of derivatives of cyberpunk have become recognized in their own right as distinct subgenres.

  • Punk” is a word used in many ways to describe many things. Some can be ridiculous, overlapping, and completely out of hand.
  • Though the word punk means related to punk music, the “punk suffix” is also used in dystopian and alternate reality aesthetics.
  • Taking the technology of a given time period, and stretching it to fantastic levels.

Here goes. From the established to the semi-established, the questionable, and the ridiculous. With Anime and Manga representation for each Punk Genre –

1. Aetherpunk

Top 5 Cyberpunk and anime punk genres
Fairy Tail manga, usage of magic in weapons – via Pinterest

In my Top 5 Cyberpunk Animes, I present to you, Aetherpunk. Also known as Magicpunk, Arcanepunk, and Magitek.

Probably one of the most diverse punk genres. High fantasy magic creates technology more befitting of a sci-fi world, from magical sky-ships to magical powered weapons.

In Fairy Tail, most of the technology is powered by magic, from cars and motorcycles to orbital laster satellites. Lacrima Crystals are crystals enchanted to cast specific magic, communication lacrima being crystal balls used for video calling.

2. Atompunk

Astro boy for punk genre
Courtesy of The Guardian

Also known as Atomic Punk.

Atompunk is an aesthetic centered around a view of the future from the perspective of the 1950s and 1960s. It tends to use a distinct, brightly-colored art style.

  • When atomic power and world dominance were the waves of the future. It takes Mid Century Modern style, the nuclear revolution, and the Sputnik space age and mixes them all together to create something quite sleek and shiny.
  • Debated as a synonym, for Raypunk/Teslapunk.

Astro Boy is one of the first anime to use this aesthetic.

3. Biopunk

Top 5 shows to watch if you are fan of akira
via Alphacoders by @Tenlzion

The biological cousin of Cyberpunk.

Combines Punk Punk with Organic Technology and Bio-Augmentation usually centered around genetic engineering and biotechnology.

This genre of punk appears frequently in Tsutomu Nihe‘s work, especially Bio Mega.

4. Clockpunk

Anime Punk Genres and clockwork planet anime
via KAROI Nusantara

Similar to and perhaps derivative of Steampunk.

  • Involves lots of artsy clockwork mechanics. Imagine Clockwork mechanisms taken to a pretty interesting level. Gears and simple machines predominate and feature in both heavy machinery and portable devices.
  • It often has an 18th-century aesthetic, inspired by the French cour of Versailles and the Georgians.

Clockwork Planet anime is an anime with an entire planet including its orbit made of clockwork parts.

5. Cyberpunk

Anime punk mangas to read and animes to watch
via Geektyrant

The originator of the “Punk” genres.

  • A subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a “combination of lowlife and high tech“, featuring futuristic technological and scientific achievements.
  • Such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, juxtaposed with societal collapse, dystopia, or decay.

AKIRA is an extremely influential cyberpunk anime movie. There’s civil unrest in Neo Tokyo, with the government performing experiments on psychic children and biker gangs battling it out on the mean streets.


Cyberpunk genre
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What is Punk, musically?

A regularly stripped-down and forceful type of exciting music. Philosophically, strategically, melodiously, and more, it is out of control, however typically hostile to experts in nature.

This ends the first part of Top 5 Cyberpunk Anime and Mangas to watch and with a few of the Punk Genres explained. Cyberpunk is a world built around a particular technology that is pervasive and extrapolated to a highly sophisticated level.

Stay tuned for the next parts!

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