The way of the world has it that One Punch Man Season 3 is notably the anime fandom’s highest awaited and anticipated upcoming anime. In August of this year, One Punch Man Season 3 finally introduced itself. Although the question regarding which animating studio will take over the helm has been left pending. Today we bark deeper into the question and present you our top five picks for which One Punch Man Season 3 Studio is the best fit for taking ONE’s story into the anime screen.

studios that can make one punch man season 3
One Punch Man via Crunchyroll

Before that, we must score a few things to steer clear. One Punch Man Season 3 so far only has a teaser visual, which only shows a bedecked Garou facing Saitama. This hints at what the anime will adopt from the source manga.

What do you expect from the One Punch Man Season 3 Studio?

  • At the end of Season 2, we saw Saitama one punching his way through the Elder Centipede. It just happened to be that Elder Centipede was a top-ranking monster of the monster association, which grew in opposition to the existence of the hero association. Obviously like all time, nobody comes to know that Saitama is the one who did it.
  • What stands strong in defining a good One Punch Man Season 3 is an impeccable animation and soundtrack. The reason why One Punch Man Season 1 first blew so out of proportion has partly to do with the popularity of the manga but mainly to do with the animation.

5. Madhouse

courtesy of Madhouse

Mad House studios first took over the responsibility of animating One Punch Man Season 1. What came out was a phenomenal work of art, with an epic soundtrack, opening, and an equally visually distilling animation.

  • You may know Madhouse as an animating giant that has been going on for quite a while. They were revered for Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, No Game No Life, Overlord, Parasyte the Maxim, Monster, Hajime no Ippo, etc. As such what stands between the audience and Madhouse is not only a good history of very amazingly adapted anime series.
  • The fact that the fans know Madhouse as a sort of ‘brand’ also adds to the greatness if it returns to animate One Punch Man Season 3.
Image Courtesy via Madhouse studios

In our pick for top anime studios to do One Punch Man Season 3, it would naturally be Madhouse. But the reason why we pick Madhouse in 5th is because, well. It isn’t likely that they’ll end up doing it.

4. Wit Studios

one punch man season 3
courtesy of Wit Studio

Primarily known for animating Attack on Titan, WIT studios have made further rounds with the likes of Vinland Saga, Spy x Family, etc. WIT Studios had to forbid continuing Attack on Titan Season 4, after which Mappa took over.

  • But from what the world has seen, WIT Studios is one of the most attractive names when it comes to talking about adapting an anime that demands an animation-savvy workforce. Currently, WIT is planning to animate Dandadan which is hoped to be a big hit.

3. Ufotable 

Ufotable One Punch Man Season 3 Studio
Fate Stay Night via Ufotable studios

One may know Ufotable since their groundbreaking entry into the mainstream popularity after they animated Fate/Zero. But Ufotable’s greatest hit ever made includes Demon Slayer, which is currently a worldwide phenomenon.

  • Ufotable is also planning on a Genshin Impact anime adaptation. This may come as an obstacle when talking about a possible adaptation of One Punch Man Season 3. Ufotable is another studio that you’d want when you have to adapt fight scenes that can respect the work done by illustrator Yusuke Murata.

2. Mappa

Mappa One Punch Man Studio
Mappa’s official anniversary key visual

Mappa’s primary domain currently is obviously Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3. But they are also working on Jujutsu Kaisen, Kakegurui, Dororo, and most notably Chainsaw Man. Mappa is the top anime studio pick for most famous anime nowadays.

MAPPA wasn’t really in the scene when Ufotable was making rounds with Fate/Zero or Madhouse was pushing Hunter x Hunter to its peak. Mappa’s redemption came in the form of Attack on Titan.

Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen via
  • Now MAPPA is all planned to take over a few of the other major season continuations, including Vinland Saga. As it stands Mappa may even make a point of taking over whatever is left behind by WIT.
  • One of the reasons why you’d want MAPPA to take over One Punch Man Season 3 is because they are pitch-perfect when it comes to making use of CGI. Although we still hope they don’t have to go there, cause honestly CGI sucks. But even when it sucks, If Mappa does it, it sucks a little less.

1. Bones

what studio could make one punch man season 3
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, image courtesy of

The best pick for a One Punch Man Season 3 Studio responsibility can be given to Studio Bones. Bones is one strong house that has been in existence farther than when Madhouse did Death Note, or Ufotable made Fate/Zero.

  • They made Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Bones has recently expanded to incorporate the superhero genre with My Hero Academia. Anyone who witnessed Bones’ animating the Deku vs Overhaul knows of that moment when Deku goes serious punch to crap Overhaul out of his ass.
  • Many even retracted that the animation was peak perfection and resembled Saitama’s serious attack series as adapted by Madhouse in Season 1. Bones have also animated another series by ONE named Mob Psycho 100. The best pick for animating One Punch Man Season 3 seems to be Studio Bones. 

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