Anyone who is frequenting Crunchyroll and other streaming platforms to watch Mappa animated Vinland Saga Season 2 may have come across a new character. Although initially introduced in the last episode of the first season, Einar’s primary position is still to come in the Slave Arc.

Vinland Saga Einar Origin 

Vinland Saga Einar Season 2 changes from wit to mappa
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The origin of Einar is one riddled with hatred and yet endowed with tragedy. Einar was a farmer in Northern England. Born in a farming family, his father used to be the patriarchal head. But when English troops invade their home, his father is killed.

Having to bear responsibility, Einar steps up and starts training. He started building up his resistance, physical endurance, and strength. This led Einar to become physically capable.

Now, one thing that is interesting here – is that although a man can receive his physical peak with exercise alone, that can not constitute real-life experience and training. Battle experience, to be more precise.

How were the Vikings in real life – were they really aggressive?

Vinland Saga Einar
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If we understand Vikings’ history correctly, the Vikings were a set of men who proud themselves in physical aggression. To keep up such a culture, battle, war instincts, battle strategy, bodily mechanism, and your physical capacity – all come in as factors that decide the outcome.

In Vinland Saga, Einar may have improved his physique in general, but nothing really comes close to an in-hand battle experience.

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Einar’s nemesis appeared in the form of another invasion. And his physique was of no use against seasoned and hardened warriors who know the art of killing. Attacked by Danish Vikings, Einar loses his mother and sister.

First, his mother was shot, and then his sister was massacred. Although the series refrained from unbearable violence, but in real-life history, the Vikings probably would have not just looted their wealth, but also violate the women.

Thorfinn’s journey so far in Vinland Saga Season 2

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Vinland Saga has taken arduous twists – both unforeseen and yet crowd-pulling. With how things concluded in the last season, Thorfinn has now been captured as a slave. How did this turn out to be? The answer lies in the way Askeladd met his end. With him gone, Thorfinn’s objective in life has been diminished.

This is something one can observe in real life as well. When one has aligned their mode of being with a certain goal, and suddenly your only means of fulfilling that ceases to exist – you are pushed into peril. 


Nonetheless, with Askeladd dead, Thorfinn went into this crazy frenzy. Resulting in his capture by the end of Vinland Saga Season 1. This also paved way for the beginning of Season 2, which adapts the Slave Arc of the Manga.

It’s no underestimation to say that when a lot of aggression is involved and that becomes a tribe’s defining factors, things like looting, sexual assault, violation, betrayal, become horrors that follow. Einar, having ended up in the same slave firm as Thorfinn, will involve with him throughout the series – becoming one of his closest friends.

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