Anime Burnout! A phase we have likely gone through at some point or another. Personally, I’m not sure about experiencing burnout because I tend to do a lot of watching to the enjoyment and take things at my own pace. I will quite often observe any finished at my own speed and make an effort not to strongly finish it in an evening or fast unless naturally so.

But, there were times when I was exhausted from everything. Everybody has their own means of dealing with it (and I urge different users to share their secrets in the comments down below), however, here’s what I’ve learned over the years.

A stage in the life cycle of an Anime fan

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Bored of watching anime? Ah, Yes, relatable.
It has probably happened to many of us at some point. Having consumed anime in excess, continuously and likely the only form of media done so. Possibly following almost every seasonal or watching about ten at the same time, “binges“, and other reasons but then POOF!

You get burned out. The mental and emotional exhaustion. Everything starts to seem dull. Nothing grabs your attention anymore. They feel draggy, and you get sick of them and just watch entirely… A STRESS

This is one of the stages you’ve probably endured during your life cycle as a fan and perhaps often.

General symptoms of Anime Burnout:

  • Demotivation and detachment from anime.
  • Nothing excites you or grabs your attention.
  • Everything seems boring, dull, and draggy.
  • A pessimistic outlook on anime in general.

You can hardly sit to watch any or can’t at all despite having time to do so.

Exploring possible reasons 

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A problem known is half solved. Everyone has their own reasons and means of dealing with anime burnout which I’d love us to state. Burnout in itself is a progressive stage that can become very habitual regardless of how long you have been a fan. Several possible reasons but here’s probably the main one:

Forcing yourself to watch too much Anime

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Want to keep up with the trends, want to participate in as many online discussions about them as they come out? Or maybe not forcefully but just love or loved to “binge-watch” or consume in excess, whether they be seasonal or completed.

As we get older, the more anime we watch, the more discerning we get. The majority of anime only slightly varies on certain ideas, and those ideas become less enthralling the more times we see them. With many new releases and the unpredictability of their quality, many of them will be completely forgettable or bland at best and not worth your time at all.

As a solution, you could stop trying to keep up with the current shows or watching in excess. You can get selective. Ask people whose taste you love and respect for the good ones. This should prevent a good 90% of the unsatisfying viewing experience that cause burnout. Your time is valuable, your sanity is finite.

Other possible reasons:

  • Watching so much anime that it all blurs together in the head, thereby forgetting why you enjoyed any of it in the first place.
  • Watching to increase your count rather than to enjoy the experiences primarily.
  • Watching for purpose of analyzing and such as a critic because you have to. Depriving yourself of the enjoyment factor because “it doesn’t matter” or you simply lost the ability to “relax and enjoy” but always end up splitting the plot apart and getting critical.
  • You’ve come to really enjoy and prefer Manga for its convenience and are just not really into Anime anymore.

Other possible solutions:

1. Take a break

Simple take one for a while. Could be helpful!

2. Revisit Old Favorites

Revisit a handful of your old favorites that got you really to love and appreciate Anime. Those ones that sparked a thrill in you and triggered a WOW moment. Doesn’t mean you’ll still love them but they could rekindle your enthusiasm for the medium.

Most Importantly

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Watch to Enjoy

Yes, sounds very simple but can be missed. It is easier to avoid anime burnout or stress when you’re not in the anime business. Because then you don’t have to watch an anime you don’t enjoy for the purpose of “reviewing” it.

So stop doing it. If you’re not enjoying an anime, STOP WATCHING IT. No matter how many tell you “it gets better at episode 10!”, you don’t have to.

Anime is a medium of entertainment and thus “entertainment” should be the one priority. If you’re not entertained, bail out! Else you’ll only build up resentment and probably end up creating an anti-page if it gets worse. Don’t waste your time watching crap you don’t enjoy.


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Try not to get caught up being a fan, needing to know about as many shows as possible, and filling out our to-watch checklists than living in the moment and enjoying what we’re doing.

No need to prove we’re “real fans” to anyone. Watch Anime for Fun!

Unless you’re being paid for it 😉

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