When will One Piece anime feature Luffy’s Gear 5? Episode’s expected release date explored as fans get hyped

Luffy with his Gear 5 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece has been gaining quite a lot of popularity as the news of Luffy attaining his Gear 5 is going viral. As fans are gearing up for the release of Episode 1060 on April 30, 2023, they are foreseeing Luffy with his Gear 5, which is exactly 10 episodes away.

Luffy’s Gear 5 was seen making its debut in Chapter 1044, which blew the mind of One Piece fans. Now they have been wondering when they can see Luffy with his Gear 5 in the anime. So there is a possibility that it will be on Episode 1070 of the anime.

One Piece Episode 1070 will see Luffy use Gear 5, social media erupts 

Gear 5 is Luffy’s ultimate form, granting him a completely new transformation that is much stronger than anything he has accessed before. In this form, he becomes a “Warrior of Liberation” and gains even more freedom in his movements, making his Devil Fruit the most ridiculous power in the world of One Piece.

His body gains tremendous freedom, making his movements even more cartoonish than before. He can run so fast in the air that he leaves fire tracks behind him, can manipulate his body’s size without using air, and turn himself into a giant with ease.

What makes Gear 5 truly unique is that Luffy gains the ability to affect his immediate surroundings with rubber, which is a trait of Paramecia types. He can immediately turn his surroundings into rubber, and he can even turn other people into rubber upon touching them.

This is a feat that no substance-based Paramecia Devil Fruit awakening user has achieved so far. Despite being a Mythical Zoan, Luffy can achieve this due to the special nature of his Devil Fruit, which is the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.


With Gear 5, Luffy’s rubber body is much tougher than before, allowing him to take deadly hits and adapt his body to the blow, retaining the shape of the attack that hit him. All of these things are just 10 episodes away, which is officially Episode 1070. According to the current episode progression, people are certainly going to see Luffy use his Gear 5 by mid July.

Die-hard One Piece fans have been waiting for this time for a while and it has finally arrived, and they will finally be able to see the protagonist of their favorite anime attaining his peak form of strength. The hype is all about Luffy using Gear 5 against some of his biggest rivals in the universe of One Piece.

What is going on right now?

Luffy in One Piece (Immage via Toei Animation)

In One Piece Episode 1059, Yamato races Kazenbo to the armory where they discover the spirit is headed to the basement. CP0 pursues Nico Robin but is distracted by Scratchmen Apoo and X Drake. Queen attacks Zoro and claims King is unbeatable because he belongs to the extinct Lunarian race. Zoro’s Haki is forced out by Enma, leading to a realization about the sword’s maker, Shimotsuki Kozaburo.

Episode 1060 will feature a flashback about Zoro and Kozaburo, potentially explaining Enma’s power, and it’s unclear which direction the story will go next, whether to focus on Zoro, Sanji, Kid and Law, or Big Mom. So probably the countdown for Luffy using Gear 5 has begun and it will have a great effect on the storyline and other characters as well.

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