Which of The Junji Ito Short Stories are adapted in the Netflix series?

Whenever you need to foil little children up into a corner, you need to call out the name Junji Ito. Or at least so for those who are familiar with this legendary award-winning Japanese Mangaka. There’s a recent Anime named Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre. What is this Netflix series about?

Junji Ito is a revered horror author/illustrator. Having won multiple awards for his contribution to the horror literary and artistic collaborations. Ito has not worked on a singular series tremendously. And by this, I refer to the fact that he’s known for putting out multiple short stories.

On second thoughts, it does seem viable to put out short stories if one’s primary theme of artistic work revolves around the horror genre.

Junji Ito Netflix Series: What is it about?

Junji Ito Netflix Series
Junji Ito, courtesy of IGN Africa

The Anime series is a Netflix exclusive, meaning that Netflix owns its distributing rights and is its sole distributor at that. The Tales of Macabre is actually the showrunners’ handpicked collection of certain Junji Ito works.

Although he has his own Junji Ito Horror Collection manga released, this series does not adapt that book faithfully.

What is the nature of each of the episodes of the Junji Ito Netflix Series?

Junji Ito Tomie
Image courtesy of IMDB

The nature of the Junji Ito Netflix Series is anthropological. Meaning that each episode adapts a specific short story by Junji Ito. So far, the Anime has adapted about 20 of Ito’s actual manga works. 

One story that stands out 

Junji Ito Netflix Series
Tomie in the Junji Ito Netflix Image courtesy of hypebeast
  • One of the Episodes includes Tomie, which is often referred to in the Manga community as the defining work of Ito sensei. You might be taken back to know the oddities and overall horror that surround Ito’s work.
  • I mean, there’s this certain sense of impending doom that portrays his otherwise taintless horror mechanisms. Tomie for one example is a story revolving around a girl who drives all who admire her into a frenzy.

Is Gyo featured in this Junji Ito Netflix Series?

Snippet from the manga Gyo, Image courtesy of Junji Ito Manga Collection

Another example in which his works really shine bright may be attested to Gyo. It is originally a two-volume manga that depicts a sentient evolved bacteria called ‘death stench’ that parasitically takes over fish. Wreaking havoc in both the aquatic and animal biomes.

  • If you’re curious regarding whether Gyo has been featured in the Junji Ito Netflix Series, sorry to not disappoint you, but you can find a full-feature animated film based on that work.
  • Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack was released 9 years ago, and is animated by reputed ufotable studios.

This is a reason why Gyo (Which is Ito’s most nominated work) did not reach the Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre series.

All the Junji Ito Manga Short Stories that are adapted in the Netflix Series

Junji Ito's Gyo ufotable
Image taken from IMDB

Following is a list of all the short stories Manga by Ito that was adapted into the Netflix Series.

  1. The Strange Hikizuri Siblings
  2. The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel; Ice Cream Truck
  3. Hanging Balloons
  4. Four x Four Walls; The Sandman’s Lair
  5. Intruder; Long Hair in the Attic
  6. Mold; Library Vision
  7. Tomb Town
  8. Layers of Fear; The Thing That Drifted Ashore
  9. Tomie: Photo
  10. Unendurable Labyrinth; Bullied
  11. Alley; Headless Statue
  12. Whispering Woman; Soichi’s Beloved Pet

Each of these episodes features two short stories (names separated by a semi-colon). Although Tomb Town, Tomie, and Hanging Balloons occupy the entire episode.

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