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Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Action-horror-gore manga Chainsaw Man has made quite the rounds ever since its release. The manga recently began development with part 2 of the story only after returning from a short hiatus. With the continuation of the Manga, fans were thrilled by the knowledge that their new pick for the greatest Shonen of the year is finding itself an anime adaptation. Yet recent leaks from 4chan of the first episode of the Chainsaw Man anime indicate horrifying expectations for the fans, in what seems to be a CGI animated fight.

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Chainsaw Man Anime may depend heavily on CGI

Previous hints at CGI use by MAPPA

This isn’t the first hint that shadows the forbidding use of CGI in the development of Chainsaw Man Anime, however. Users had previously criticized the use of CGI as shown in the trailers of Chainsaw Man Anime, while a plethora of others took it to themselves to defend saying this is how CGI should be done.

What does the Chainsaw Man Anime leak show?

Chainsaw Man Anime leaks
Denji’s hybrid devil form in the trailer (via MAPPA’S official youtube)

A private Crunchyroll premiere event in France broadcast the first episode of Chainsaw Man which a few lucky fans were able to capture in the video of the anime’s first episode. One fan posted a video on Twitter that featured Denji’s transformation into the Chainsaw Devil and it was heavily embedded in CGI Animation.

The scene adapts the fight between the Zombie devil and the Chainsaw Devil and is crucial for building the fan’s momentum into the series. The leaks give a full view of Denji’s CGI animated design of his hybrid devil-human form. The leaks more or less are no more floating on the internet given that MAPPA has deployed their FBI to take care of the floating copyright-owned leaks.

Fans have always disdained the use of CGI in Anime

  • Fans have always heavily criticized the use of CGI in Anime. One of the reasons why the Anime adaptation of Berserk failed so horridly is more or less due to the CGI depictions. A notable use of CGI was that of Guts, the primary protagonist.
  • Many users replying to the user’s video called out the stark resemblance of the animation with Berserk’s Guts. Given how terribly the Anime adaptation of Berserk failed and was met with unkempt reactions, is Chainsaw Man also setting itself up for doom?


Why the anime community hates CGI

Chainsaw Man Anime Leaks comparing to Berserk CGI
Guts in Berserk Anime Adaptation 2016, via IMDB

There is a reason why CGI is so heavily criticized. The fact of the matter is that the use of CGI heavily deviates from what an Anime is supposed to be about. Well although no one can exactly pinpoint what an Anime exactly is, but there are a few commonalities that can be picked up.

  • Anime, for reasonable reasons and purposes, consists of Japanese production studios hand-drawing/sketching and animating scenes. Although we can also dive into other dimensions such as voice dubbing (which must have an original Japanese dubbing) but let’s put that aside for now.
  • CGI usage is more befitting of Hollywood animation (WALL-E?). For hard-core anime enthusiasts, the CGI use simply hurts their sentiments, and perhaps even rightly so. Yet studios have found that it is sometimes comparatively easier and takes the workload off when they are pinned against the clock to make use of Computer imagery.

As such it feels justified for fans to hate on the CGI shown in Chainsaw Man anime leaks.

Mappa’s previous attempts at CGI

Levi Ackerman in Season 4 of Attack on Titan is an Overpowered Anime Character
Levi Ackerman in Season 4 of Attack on Titan, Via the Official Youtube trailer of Season 4 of AOT
  • Attack on Titan Season 4 part 1 initially used CGI animation. Fans quickly took the internet by rage when they saw a CGI-animated Beast Titan baseball throwing rocks into a force of enemy personnel.
  • Yet Mappa learned from their mistakes and ‘upgraded’ (so to speak) their CGI leanings and gave fans what they wanted – good old ripened hand drawn (it’s digital, but okay) quick flowing flawless animation.
  • Now one cannot really blame MAPPA for relying forever on CGI, they have done a great job on works such as Jujutsu Kaisen (and Jujutsu Kaisen 0) without ever having to use CGI.

The primary reason why CGI was used in the first part of Attack on Titan season 4 was due to the heavy workload and a ticking time clock. The studio was pressed after WIT studio withdrew from animating the final story of Shingeki no Kyojin manga. Naturally, to make up for such a huge adaptation with the little time they were given, Mappa had to make due. But what’s up this time?


Chainsaw Man Release and Where to Watch
courtesy of Mappa’s Official Youtube Account Chainsaw Man Trailer

The fans over Twitter have gone astray over the disappointment of the trailer’s misrepresentation of the actual series. This has happened before with Attack on Titan’s final season when the actual animation did not match the contention given through the trailers. It isn’t unusual for developing studios to put their all in the trailers, for, after all, the trailers are what grab the viewers.

Yet one shouldn’t be hastily hurrying in judging using Chainsaw Man anime leaks. To give you a glimmer of hope, 4chan leaks often aren’t very reliable (on the other hand sometimes they are). They are ultimately leaks. For now, let go of your reptilian brain, sit tight, and await the premiere of Chainsaw Man.

Before we go, what’s Chainsaw man about?

Chainsaw man glimpses from youtube
courtesy of Mappa’s Official Youtube Account Chainsaw Man Trailer

Chainsaw Man anime adapts the story of Denji who lives in a world inhabited by the phenomena of devils. Something similar to Curses in Jujutsu Kaisen, Devils are born from the fear emitted by human beings. The greater the fear the larger the power of the devil. Denji merges with a devil named Pochita who is a devil that hunts other devils. Of course, to add to the spice of the typical Anime tropes, when there is evil there is an institution that hunts that devil.

Chainsaw Man doesn’t deviate from attempting the same world-building as done by My Hero Academia’s Hero Association, Jujutsu Kaisen’s Jujutsu Academy, Demon Slayer’s Demon Slayer corp etc. We have amongst ourselves an organization dedicated to eradicating all devils, named Devil Hunters (obviously, duh). How Denji’s life entangles within the array of war between hunters and devils, find out when the Anime premieres this October.

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