The Online Fest 2022 of Aniplex brought to us a multi-load of revelations. Within this lays the news of Solo Leveling finally finding its anime adaptation. At the same convention, the Solo Leveling anime also revealed its production studio, which is A-1 Productions. The greatness of his royalty Sung Jin-woo is a force to be reckoned with. With a Manhwa that garnered a cult following, what exactly do we await for Solo Leveling Anime adaptation?

The legacy of Solo Leveling

Sung Jin-Woo
Solo Leveling official cover page, via

Solo Leveling was written by Chugong. Chugong launched his work as a web novel which Kakao’s Digital comic and fiction platform KakaoPage published. There are about 270 chapters in total that are available digitally. What happened with the web novel was that it inspired a webcomic.

The rest is history, for it achieved tremendous global success. The webcomic, which is better called Manhwa, recorded over 48 million views in its long legacy. The Manhwa came to an end however in December last year. So why exactly is the community so hyped for Solo Leveling Anime adaptation?

The fantasy setting of the story of Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Anime
Sung Jin Woo in the second season of the Manhwa, image courtesy of

The thing with the story of Solo Leveling is that it is not the first of its kind if you were to dive into the library of web novels that deal in the fantasy genre.

  1. You have a world that one day suddenly witnessed the opening of dungeon gates. From within these gates arise monsters of an unparalleled kind.
    • But God is gracious in his giving, for humans were granted magical powers.
  2. Now humankind has come up with a branch of private militant power known as Hunters.
    • The Hunters Association manage, fund, and provide sustenance to a range of hunters who are ranked.
    • The ranks go from S class way down to F. Each dungeon is tiered accordingly. So for example, B-Class hunters go hunt in C-Class dungeons.

The studio, director, and sound composer behind Solo Leveling Anime are worth the hype

Solo Leveling Manhwa
The ancient god in Solo Leveling, Via
  1. It helps to put it out first that A-1 Productions has been no hasty in its record-breaking legacy. Your Lie in April, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Sword Art Online are A-1 Production’s most cherished jewels. These are about the top names that anyone who has associated himself with the Anime world would speak of.
  2. As it is, A-1 is also tasked with the anime adaptation of the classic Nier: Automata game named Ver1.1a. The adaptation was announced in the same convention that let us know of Sung Jin-woo’s great anime birth.

  • Another set of reasons why fans are so hard-wired in their anticipation is because of the forces that are behind the production of this anime adaptation. A-1 Productions coupled with Director Shunusuke Nakashige (Sword Art Online) is something to reckon with.
  • Fans are also going crazy over the fact that ‘THE’ Hiroyuki Sawano himself is going to compose the music score. Hiroyuki Sawano is the god who brought us the Attack on Titan album and soundtrack.

The protagonist of Solo Leveling Manhwa makes you drip

Sung jin woo
Wallpaper made by Joshua Cayetano
  1. Now our protagonist begins from the lowest alphabet rank possible. The entire story of Solo Leveling is that of Sung Jin-woo who has always been at the bottom of the social ladder. But what will catch you is that he is not stupid. He is about as intelligent as a protagonist can be. The fandom is already full of people, and I mean both girls and boys, who drip over Jin-woo’s charisma and chasm.
  2. Our hero rises in rank after his team raid in a mysterious dungeon goes terribly wrong. Like disaster level wrong. His team finds out that the dungeon is actually way above its designated tier. In what ends up in total annihilation, our protagonist ends up safe and sound.

What awaits him, however, is a world that has completely been reshaped for him. A game-like leveling-up system has been introduced which sets the standards of ‘solo-leveling’.


The world of Solo Leveling Manhwa has left many astonished, but even more, people left wanting more. As it is, hopes of a sequel seem dim. The original web novel as well as the webcomic has ended. And it ended with less hope for a sequel, although not entirely impossible. At this point, I feel it is better if the story of Sung Jin-woo is not stretched any further. Any more and it will tear.

We already have what is defined as one of the most entertaining and best Manhwas ever. Sure, Solo Leveling gets cliche at times, but it’s those times that you sucker for the most. An underdog with intelligence that finds a cheat in the system that allows him to level alone? Buy me in.

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