That Time I got Reincarnated As a Slime character (tensura in short) has made its way into the anime fandom ever since its big release. The revered Anime adaptation of the manga, which is also additionally an adaptation of the light novels, is easily considered one of the qualities of Isekai Anime currently. But, why does everyone so easily get enamored by the protagonist?

Who is Rimuru Tempest?

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Characters
Rimuru in his human form, image courtesy of

Rimuru Tempest – the protagonist of the show, was actually an Earthling. When he is stabbed in the street by a violent person going all mayhem, he dies.

Well, people die when they are killed, but not our protagonist. Having unlocked a special google assistant-like voice assistant entity, whom he calls the Great Sage, he is teleported to a fantasy world.

One of the first That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime character that liked Rimuru was the Storm Dragon

The catch is, unlike other anime, this one reincarnates him as a slime. A gobbly wobbly tentacle-ish spongy jellyish thing. Although I am running out of adjectives, Rimuru does not run out of people who adore him.

The first this happens is with the Storm Dragon Veldora. He meets a legendary calamity class monster that has been sealed away in a mountain terrain of the Jura forest. But in what appears to be a great turn for our protagonist apparently, Veldora turns out to be quite a tsundere. Becoming his first friend, and granting him the name Tempest, both Veldora and Rimuru vow friendship for years to come.

How Rimuru helps Veldora

But Veldora, in his concealment, asks Rimuru to gulp him down. Because Rimuru is a slime, he can eat anything and analyze it within his body substance. And thus begins Rimuru’s promise to Veldora, to analyze the seal that binds the Storm Dragon and one day free him.

The analysis is done via the assistant, the Great Sage.

Why That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime Characters love Rimuru

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Wiki by Fandom

Well, to point it out to you why Rimuru Tempest easily sways people in, it’s basically plot armor. But that’s not all.

  • Rimuru is naturally a humble person. Having worked in a corporate office all his life, he has climbed the corporate ladder. And although he was not at the top, neither was he at the bottom.
  • This enables him a decent experience in handling both superiors and juniors. And because he was not a high shot, he retains a sense of humbleness within him. Humility and kindness have been Rimuru’s greatest treasures ever since the beginning.

He has also shown extreme strength, a natural sign of a good leader

  • Although it is also true that he has not shied away from killing when he has to when life really calls for it. But for the most part, his kindness and broader compassion have gathered him, great friends.
  • These friends began with the Goblin colony which was about to be devoured by dire wolves. His first allies, however, were the Goblins and their foe-turned-allies dire wolves. 

He also built a decent nation

Rimuru’s kindness does not sway him away from his intelligence. If anything, he is amply capable of fighting his enemies even without help from the Great Sage.

As a slime, having devoured plenty of monsters, Rimuru wields multiple abilities. All of which That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime characters respect and look up to.

Rimuru is easily the strongest in his newfound kingdom, which he forms together with the Goblins and the wolves.

What the larger point about Rimuru’s journey actually is

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Characters
image courtesy of eightbit studios, via wallpaperacess

The entire series is ultimately the journey of Rimuru and his friends, from his country – the Jura Tempest. He is also the chancellor of the Jura Forest Federation, which is a get-together conglomerate of the nearby kingdoms surrounding the forest of Jura.

The entire point of the franchise is however since a slime gobbled up a legendary monster, the entire monster hierarchy as well as the world got turned upside down.

And other than the plot armor, the reason why everyone looks up to Rimuru is that he’s an adorable slime. Who is also equally capable of violence and strength.

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