How many chapters are left in Demon Slayer
How much is left to cover in the Demon Slayer manga now? (Image via Ufotable)

Demon Slayer Season 3 has been going on at its full potential as Episode 7 of the season was released yesterday. Fans all over the world are highly excited about the upcoming fights as the season is nearing its end. Only 4 episodes are left in the Swordsmith Village Arc as Season 3 will have 11 episodes in total.

However, it does not seem like this will be the end of Demon Slayer as there are many more chapters left in the manga to cover. This raises the question of a potential Season 4 or even Season 5. Hence, fans are highly excited. With more content to follow in the future, this anime seems to be at the top of its genre for years to come. Hence, keep reading this article as we discuss about how many manga chapters are left to animate.

How many chapters are left to animate in Demon Slayer Season 3?

How many chapters are left in Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer Season 3 will cover 30 chapters from the manga (Image via Ufotable)

Season 3 will have 11 episodes in total. Hence, it will only cover The Swordsmith Village Arc from the manga.

  • It runs for 30 chapters, from Chapter 98 to Chapter 127. Episode 7 has covered Chapters 115-116, hence there are some 11-12 chapters left to animate. Ufotable will adapt and incorporate the final battles of Hantengu and Gyokko in the last 4 episodes. Hence, each episode will animate roughly 3 chapters on average.
  • Although it seems to be a lot to cover within just 4 episodes, the battles are not long-driven. Moreover, the backstories of the Hashiras, Mitsuri, and Muichiro should also be animated along with the fights. Hence, the last 4 episodes will be completely action-packed with some interesting emotional twists.

How many chapters are left in the entire Demon Slayer manga and possibility of more seasons?

There are 205 chapters in the Demon Slayer manga (Image via Ufotable)

The Demon Slayer manga has 205 chapters in its entirety. As the manga is over, the number of chapters will not increase. With the end of the Swordsmith Village Arc, the manga will have 78 chapters left for animation.

  • 78 chapters in such a popular series will not just sit around and not be animated. Hence, there is a high chance that Ufotable will animate the manga in its entirety until the end. Hence, it is extremely likely that the anime will run for another season or two. A Season 4 or even a Season 5 is likely as Ufotable most probably will not animate all 78 chapters in a single season.
  • After the Swordsmith Village Arc, there are 2 Arcs left for animation- Hashira Training Arc and the Final Battle Arc. The former consists of a mere 9 chapters, running from Chapters 128-136. However, the latter is comprised of 69 chapters, which are further subdivided into two parts- Infinity Castle Arc, running from Chapters 137-183, and the Sunrise Countdown Arc from Chapters 184-205.


How many chapters are left in Demon Slayer
Ufotable might make the Hashira Training Arc into a movie (Image via Ufotable)

As mentioned earlier, there are 78 more chapters that are yet to be animated after the Swordsmith Village Arc. Even if the studio announces a Season 4, they possibly will not animate all the chapters in it. A possible route here is to make turn the Hashira Training Arc into a movie, just like they did with the Infinity Train Arc. Then they can make a 30+ episodic season, which may or may not be divided into 2 parts.

This is the possible route according to us for Demon Slayer to follow in the upcoming seasons. This was everything you had to know about the Demon Slayer manga.

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