The storyline of To Your Eternity has enthralled the audience to such an extent that it is often considered a concealed gem of anime. Now, the Anime seems to have secured another season. With material from Yoshitoki Oima’s series to adapt seeming scarce, how long must fans await for To Your Eternity season 3?

  • The announcement of To Your Eternity’s renewal for season 3 was made on Twitter by the Anime’s official crew as the Drive studio team wrapped up season 2 this month. However, there are no details yet on the exact release date, given that the production of the anime takes some time.

Noticing a subtle sign in the pattern followed by the To Your Eternity Anime adaptation

Fushi in to your eternity season 2 anime
A grown-up time-skip Fushi as seen in the last episode of S1, via Ani-One Asia

If one looks into the path To Your Eternity Anime has been following, one might inevitably come across a pattern-worthy connection. This relates to the way the Anime adapts the seasons, only to end the finale in the sweetest spot (and almost often heartbreaking).

  • For example, Pioran’s demise left fans heartbroken at the end of the first season. The only comfort being the announcement of the second season by the creators immediately following it.
  • Similarly this time around, the hype from the announcement of To Your Eternity Season 3 has been similar.

When will To Your Eternity Season 3 release?

To Your Eternity Season, 2 of the anime has been airing its second season during the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 seasons. The Renril arc and Act 1 of the manga were concluded with the season’s finale at 7 pm JST on Sunday, March 12.

Possible release date based on the gap between Season 1 and Season 2

To Your Eternity Season 3
Image courtesy of Brain’s base

To Your Eternity Season, 2 was announced in the finale of Season 1, which concluded back in Augusto 2021. The second season started back in October of 2022, implying a one year-gap between the announcement and subsequent release.

    • So given that the same pattern is to be followed, one should expect To Your Eternity Season 3 to pop out somewhere around 2024 January-March. 

But, is there enough manga material for a proper third season?

To Your Eternity Season 3 release
Image courtesy of Studio Drive

But, and there is a but here. The second season naturally may have required more time given that there was a studio change. As such it took more than just a year to come up with the second season.

  • But even aside from such technical problems, it is usual for Anime to have almost a year in the gap before adopting a second sequel. This usually happens with manga sources that do not have much material to cover.

If the Anime is too caught up with the Manga, it is natural for the Anime to wait and gear up. In Regards To Your Eternity, a similar thing is possible.

The Anime has more or less caught up to the Manga

Image via Studio Drive

To Your Eternity has almost caught up to the Manga source. The Anime season 2 concluded the first act. And so far the Manga is only updated recently with the second arc of the second act.

If the Anime continues at its normal pace, it must wait another few months before it can properly have enough materials to sustain a Season 3. 

  • To Your Eternity Episode 35, titled ‘The Self Worn Down’ was the last episode of Season 2. And it was the concluding episode of the final arc of part 1. Part 2 only has around 20 chapters in, which the Anime could easily cover in 5-9 episodes.

So when will To Your Eternity Season 3 release?

  • Assuming there is no studio change and sufficient time has passed, the anime will still have to wait for the manga to produce more source material. Given the quick announcement of season 3, it is likely that it will be released in two cours with a longer gap between them to allow the anime to catch up with the manga.

Our estimate is that, without any technical issues or studio changes, the anime should be released in 2024. However, if there is a lack of source material or studio changes, it could add an additional 4-5 months to the one-year gap we previously mentioned.

About To Your Eternity Season 3 announcement

  • At 7.25 pm JST on Sunday, March 12, the official Twitter account for To Your Eternity announced that season 3 has been greenlit, which will cover the This World Arc from the manga. No further details were provided regarding the studio, cast, or expected release date.

The anime underwent a studio change between its first and second seasons, with Brain’s Base Studio animating the first and Studio Drive taking over for the second. The official announcement did not specify whether Studio Drive will continue animating To Your Eternity season 3, or if a different studio will take over.


  • Yoshitoki Oima’s Manga adaptation in the form of the anime follows the story of Fushi, an immortal being with the ability to take on different forms, each with unique abilities. Fushi eventually takes the form of a white-haired boy and, along with the boy’s white wolf, embarks on an endless journey of discovery.
  • As Fushi interacts with humans, he gradually develops an identity and personality, mirroring the author’s own exploration of human life and behavior, which was inspired by her grandmother’s passing.

The show’s portrayal of Fushi’s evolution has resonated with viewers, who eagerly awaited news of a new season to continue their adventures with him. And now with To Your Eternity Season 3 release confirmed, they await to see the next act being adapted – which dives into a modern-day Fushi.

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