Blue Lock Chapter 212 sees Isagi finally picking himself up with newly developed ‘meta-vision’ Ability

Blue Lock Chapter 212 spoilers have left no doubts unbarred regarding the glory that it ensues. After all when a series is all about the pride of a striker and the egoism that shines within, it is inevitable that its chapters will be as impactful as its theme matters. With Isagi going beyond his initial spatial awareness and into his new meta-vision ability, here are the full Blue Lock Chapter 212 spoilers ahead of its release.

Blue Lock Chapter 212
Image via VIZ media
  • In Blue Lock chapter 212, manga enthusiasts witnessed Isagi’s extraordinary progress as he surpassed the entire Ubers team while refining his meta-vision. Although Ness uncovered one of Isagi’s significant weaknesses and promptly overcame it eventually.

In the preceding chapter, Don Lorenzo enumerated the auction prices of the Bastard Munchen players before launching a counterattack with his companions. By swapping places with Niko, he advanced toward the penalty area, but Isagi intercepted the ball the moment he passed it to Barou.

Going back to Blue Lock Chapter 211 recap

  • In Blue Lock Chapter 211, Don Lorenzo showcased his exceptional skills by effortlessly passing the ball between his teammates and outmaneuvering the Bastard Munchen players.
  • Isagi carefully observed his moves and recognized him as the world’s best CB. As a rivalry brewed between Kaiser and Lorenzo, Kaiser evaluated the net worth of other players and valued Isagi at 50 million.

Raichi challenged Isagi to a one-on-one, but Lorenzo dismissed Raichi’s weapon as useless against his unique dribbling skills and body movement. Hiori comprehended Ubers’ playstyle, with Lorenzo intercepting every pass in defense and advancing once he secured the ball.

About Blue Lock Chapter 212 titled Unknown

Blue Lock Manga
Image via VIZ media
  • Blue Lock’s Chapter 212, titled “Unknown,” promises to deliver an electrifying continuation of the Ubers vs. Munchen match. Isagi is fully geared up, activating his 100% meta-vision – a prime evolution of his spatial awareness, giving him an edge in making plays.
  • The leaked spoilers see Isagi utilizing his honed meta-vision to intercept Barou’s pinpoint pass, stealing the ball away from him. Immediately, Isagi launched a counterattack, aiming to use Ubers’ momentum against them since Don Lorenzo was far from his goal.

Isagi was confident that his body had become more compatible with his meta-vision, proving that his rigorous training had paid off. He quickly started his counterattack with Kurona, who was ready to capitalize on the opportunity and run up the field.

Together, the two players passed the ball back and forth, evading any opponents trying to block their path.

Isagi picks up the pace after a long time

Perhaps the last time we witnessed Isagi in his glory was when Blue Lock team won against the Japanese National Under 19 Team. When he proudly declared his intention to the entire world.

Ever since phase 2 of Blue Lock began with international players popping into the scene, I have felt Isagi witnessing another mountain. And the way it works with Anime is that it often takes some chapters (episodes) before the Main Character picks up his pace again.

A fan-colored panel of Isagi’s Meta vision, image via Pinterest
  • Now, Isagi can swiftly initiate a counter-attack and link up with Ness and Kaiser, displaying his new weapon, which he has been honing with Kunigami. Isagi’s talent to read the field and identify the opposing team’s flaws provides him with an advantage, but Munchen won’t go down without a fight.
  • Schloffer and Gantz are just a few of their standout players who will push themselves to the limit to turn the game in their favor. The evenly matched teams heighten the tension and excitement, making it impossible to predict the winner.

In summary, Blue Lock Chapter 212 is shaping up to be an exhilarating chapter, and fans are eagerly anticipating the outcome of this high-stakes match as the upcoming chapters are teased for release.

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