Boruto Leaves even Manga Fans Surprised with an Anime-Only hint in its Midseries Finale of Episode 293

The recent blowup in the Anime community has been about Boruto’s finale episode. With the Manga almost entering a world-changing tide, the Anime just caught up by concluding the Code Arc with Boruto Anime Episode 293. One of the catching topics recently has been on the current status of our protagonist including the discussion of Jogan in Boruto. The special eye has not been hinted at much in the Manga, but the Anime took a different turn.

About Boruto Anime Part 2

Kawaki vs Boruto in Anime Episode 293 Boruto Jogan
Kawaki vs Boruto in Anime Episode 292-293, Image courtesy of Studio Pierrot, snapshot from Crunchyroll Collections Youtube

Now although Boruto just ended, it only reached its mid-series finale. Meaning there are one-half of Boruto Anime more to go.

  • Studio Pierrot has confirmed that the second part of Boruto Naruto Next Generations will be returning after a long wait, but in the meantime, the manga is still releasing new chapters. The latest chapter suggests that the anime adaptation will have a lot of ground to cover whenever it does come back.

While the release date for the continuation of Boruto’s story is still unknown, Studio Pierrot has announced that they will be airing four new episodes from the original Naruto series in September. Check this article for further information regarding this announcement.

What did Boruto Episode 293 show?

Fans worldwide were thrilled to watch the release of Boruto episode 293 today, which offered an action-packed finale featuring a showdown between Kawaki and Code.

Although Kawaki narrowly missed his chance to defeat Code, Boruto’s miraculous return from death with the assistance of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki added to the excitement.

About the Jogan in Boruto, which seems to be an Anime exclusive thus far

Jogan IN Boruto
Boruto against Kawaki, Image courtesy of Studio Pierrot, snapshot from Crunchyroll Collections Youtube

However, the appearance of Jōgan in Boruto’s eyes was perhaps the most surprising moment of the episode. Fans took to Twitter to express their hype and see it as proof of Jōgan’s existence. The Jogan that only appears in the Anime and has not been hinted at, shown, or explained much in the Boruto Manga.

What is the Jogan?

The Jogan is an exclusive dojutsu that solely belongs to the Otsutsuki Clan, with members claiming it to be a powerful inheritance of their clan that can cause trouble. In the manga, the dojutsu has a featureless appearance with a hardly noticeable pupil. On the other hand, in the anime, it appears light blue in color with a darkened sclera and visible pupil.

  • Nonetheless, the lack of inclusion of Jogan in the manga has left some fans questioning its legitimacy. The Otsutsuki Clan’s dojutsu appears featureless in the manga, whereas in the anime, it has a light blue color, a darkened sclera, and a visible pupil.

The significance of Jogan in Boruto

Boruto Jogan
Image courtesy of Studio Pierrot, snapshot from Crunchyroll Collections Youtube
  • The introduction of Jogan is deemed crucial and its absence would result in a significant failure. Hints from the anime, novels, and manga have suggested that Jogan would play an essential role in the future of the series. In the manga, we have even seen the Otsutsuki god with the jogans.

It would be illogical for Boruto, as the main character, not to possess a unique power that sets him apart from the others, such as Naruto, Hashirama, and Minato. Currently, Kawaki has surpassed Boruto in terms of power. So without jogan, Boruto seems to have harder to push himself to be of own up his role as the protagonist.

Although Boruto possesses the unique Karma power, which allows him to absorb chakra, activate space-time Jutsu, and inherit the combat knowledge of multiple generations of Otsutsuki. These powers adequately establish Boruto as a significant main character in the story.


During Boruto’s time in the Academy, he initially did not have control over the Jogan’s activation. Instead, the eye would involuntarily activate whenever he focused his attention on a particular person or object. However, as a teenager, he demonstrated the ability to activate it at his own will.

In episode 293, Jogan made a reappearance towards the end, flashing in Boruto’s eyes, leading many fans to believe that it is indeed a real dojutsu. Additionally, the finale dropped several major hints for the future, such as Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki warning Boruto about losing everything soon.

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