5 reasons to watch Peter Pan and Wendy

Peter Pan

Peter Pan & Wendy is a live-action version of Walt Disney’s animated classic Peter Pan. A massive chunk of this film’s audience was eagerly awaiting the film and now that it has been released on Disney Plus, fans cannot hold their excitement. 

The movie hits the audience right in their nostalgia for watching Peter Pan as an animated version of their childhood. The live-action film has gotten enough accreditation and the acting is also top-notch. 

However, there are some more reasons why all should watch Peter Pan & Wendy. What are they? Let’s find out. 

Peter Pan & Wendy: Where to watch and why

1) Reliving childhood memories 

Peter Pan
Peter Pan, Wendy and her brothers, and Tinker Bell on their way to Neverland (Image via Disney Plus)

Peter Pan & Wendy was released on Disney Plus on April 28 and fans worldwide were hit with great nostalgia. Growing up watching Peter Pan was a literal treat and now it’s been made into a live-action version.  

Director David Lowery has painted Neverland with the same brush Arthurian England used in The Green Knight. The flush scenes with tropical fauna, and the beautiful cliffs have set the mood of the movie. Besides, the return of famous characters Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, and the Lost Boys has made the audience incredibly nostalgic.

2) Impeccable acting 

Peter Pan
Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell (Image via Disney Plus)

Alexander Molony as Peter Pan and Ever Gabo Anderson as Wendy Darling have made their characters come alive straight out of the book. Their impeccable representation of Peter Pan and Wendy in the movie Peter Pan & Wendy has made the fans feel warm and cozy. They resemble Peter Pan and Tinker Bell from their childhood as the live-action gives a new dimension. Their acting took fans back down memory lane to their childhood. 

Other than Alexander Molony and Ever Gabo Anderson, Jude Law has played the role of Captain Hook in the movie. His acting is also considered to be top-notch and has stirred the audience in their seats. Jude Law has carried the movie on his shoulders with his impeccable skills. Other than that, Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell has also gained critical acclaim for her crucial role in the movie. 

3) Storyline 

Peter Pan
Tiger Lily in Peter Pan & Wendy (Image via Disney Plus)

Fans have complained about certain aspects of the storyline do not adhere to the original classics – Peter and Wendy. Peter and Wendy is a 1904 play and 1911 classic novel which illustrates the story of Wendy Darling, who refuses to grow old and hates change. They also showcased in the novel that Wendy was somewhat of a “love interest” of Peter. 

The movie has also stuck with the original storyline and has illustrated in detail the adventures of Wendy and her brothers in Neverland. This has made the audience very happy as they stuck with the classic storyline, which is simple yet majestic. 

4) Comic relief 

Peter Pan
Captain Hook’s ship on her way to Neverland (Image via Disney Plus)

The movie is known for its excellent cinematography, storyline, and acting, and it is also well-known for its impeccable comic reliefs that aren’t overwhelming. The script had ample comic elements that weren’t overpowering and tickled the funny bones of every audience. 

The scenes between Captain Hook and his patrons deserve a special mention. Jude Law has added the right amount of ‘spice’ for comic elements in the movie. The scenes between Captain and his patrons were extremely funny, along with the scenes of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

5) Cinematography 

Peter Pan
Wendy steers Captain Hook’s ship (Image via Disney Plus)

Addressing the elephant in the room with the most pivotal point in the movie, the impeccable visuals. Peter Pan & Wendy hit it out of the ballpark with the impeccable cinematography. Fans have witnessed Neverland in a new dimension that they always craved when they were young.

The real-life representation of Neverland has exceeded their expectations and fans have thoroughly enjoyed the movie for its intricate details in cinematography. The accurate representation of Captain Hook’s ship is absolutely beautiful to behold and the fans have thoroughly enjoyed it.  

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