Exploring 5 facts of real Queen Charlotte from Netflix’s ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgeton Story’

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, which premieres May 4 on Netflix, will take the audience to the past to take a look at the lives and facts of Queen Charlotte (played by Golda Rosheuvel in the present and by India Amarteifio when younger), Lady Danbury, and Lady Bridgerton when they were younger.

The fans are expecting to continue their heart-fluttering Bridgerton experience with the prequel but the show’s also likely to feature some heartbreak along the way. Especially, if the show stays true to the lives of the real Queen Charlotte and King George III.

Fans saw Rosheuvel state “My life as a queen was difficult,” as the older Charlotte in the teaser. Let’s discover a hint of what she means, by exploring 5 facts about the real Queen Charlotte.

5 lesser-known facts about the real Queen Charlotte from Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

1) Queen Charlotte was a German royalty

Born Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz on May 19th, 1744,  Queen Charlotte was German royalty. She was the youngest daughter of Duke Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and Princess Elizabeth Albertina of Saxe-Hildburghausen.

Her hometown was a small northern German duchy in the Holy Roman Empire, and she was the youngest of her family. Queen Charlotte studied botany and natural history and spent much of her youth sewing and embroidering. She is also known as a voracious reader.

2) Queen Charlotte married King George within six hours of meeting him

After claiming the throne at the age of 22 in 1760, King George III began his search for a suitable wife. At the time, the teen Princess Charlotte was a favorable option. She was a Protestant and well-known to be sweet and compliant. After a thorough search, Princess Charlotte was selected as a wife for King George III in 1761.

According to AV Club, the Earl of Harcourt led a party of escorts to welcome the German princess to England. The return voyage was difficult as they had to face three storms at sea. She arrived in London on September 8, 1761, and married King George III at the Chapel Royal, St James’ Palace within six hours.

3) Queen Charlotte and King George all were parents to 15 children

Within a year of getting married, Queen Charlotte and King George welcomed their first child, the Prince of Wales (King George VI). Following this, the royal couple had 14 children. The youngest of which was Princess Amelia, born in 1783.

Queen Charlotte had a happy marriage. The royal couple often attended plays and concerts. Moreover, they played duets on the harpsichord and flute. In one letter from 1778, Charlotte expresses her affection for her husband. “You will have the benefit of your voyages, to be more known by the world, and more beloved by the people. [however] not equal to the love of her who subscribes herself – [from] Your very affectionate friend and wife Charlotte.”

4) Queen Charlotte was the pioneer of the Debutant ball

In 1780, King George III organized a May ball in honor of his wife. It is widely considered the first notable debutante ball. Following the May ball, it became an annual event. Each year an exclusive group of high-class young women formally introduced themselves to the monarch. As more balls and outings joined the tradition, a “season” of elite dances, parties, and flirtations became the norm.

Queen Charlotte also enjoyed music and especially loved German composers. Mozart performed for the Queen at the age of 8 and also received an invitation to perform at the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the King’s accession in 1764. He dedicated his Opus III to the Queen upon its publication in January 1765.

5) Queen Charlotte is disputed to have a Black ancestry

Historian Mario de Valdes Cocom argues that Queen Charlotte is a descendant of a Black branch of the Portuguese royal family. He also states that her ancestry traces back to Africa. However, his take is received with skepticism by many other historians. They argue that the evidence isn’t dependable. Moreover, the generational distance is considerably great to hold the suggestion.

Although the real Queen Charlotte’s Black ancestry is disputable, her ethnicity holds importance to the world of the show. Due to the fact that fans have high hopes for sophisticated handling and discussion about the prevalence of racism at the time. It will be interesting to see how Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story incorporates the life of real Queen Charlotte into the Bridgerton series.

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