I am Legend 2 Possible Release date

It’s been over a decade since the release of the post-apocalyptic blockbuster “I Am Legend” starring Will Smith. Ever since the credits rolled, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the sequel. Here’s everything to know about I am Legend 2 possible release date and its alternate ending.

Fans are wondering if I Am Legend 2 has been canceled or if it will be released in 2023 or 2024, as there have been no updates since the reveal over a year ago.

Is I am Legend 2 canceled or will it release in 2023?

I am Legend 2 Possible Release date
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Filmmaker Akiva Goldsman confirmed earlier this year (2023) that Warner Bros is still moving forward with the sequel. So, no, I Am Legend 2 has not been canceled.

Will Smith’s supposed slapping of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars has led some to believe that the project has been delayed. However, it is confirmed that Smith is still set to reprise his role as Robert Neville. And will co-produce the movie with Michael B. Jordan.

As of now, the sequel is said to be in development, but there has been no news or reports about the release date or anything related to it.

I am Legend 2 Possible Release date

  • At the time of writing, the movie will not be released in 2023, although there is no official release date yet. It is expected to hit theaters in mid to late 2024.
  • Since the sequel was announced only in 2022, it is probable that fans will have to wait for at least a year or two before they can return to the I Am Legend world.

What will be the plot of I am Legend 2?

I am Legend 2 Possible Release date
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In an interview with Deadline, Goldsman shared some details about the sequel, mentioning that it will take place several decades after the first part. Furthermore, he admitted to being a loyal fan of The Last of Us and emphasized the beauty of the world a few years after an apocalyptic event.

So, it will be interesting to see if the influence from The Last of Us video game franchise, which has now been adapted into an HBO TV show, is noticeable when I Am Legend 2 is released.

What is the Alternate Ending of this sequel?

It has been confirmed that the alternate ending provided in the first film will serve as a foundation in this sequel. In the original ending, Neville immolates himself along with a group of creatures he had created a cure for.

  • In the alternate option, which is more faithful to Richard Matheson’s novel, the virologist is cornered by the leader of the mutant group, who claims his partner. He is captured by the group in order to find a cure and eventually realizes that they can communicate.
  • After freeing himself and returning to his partner, Robert realizes that he has gained importance and fear among the mutant. This will be important for the start of the sequel.

Shows to watch if you can’t wait for I am Legend 2

Many recent movies share resemblances, and if you liked I Am Legend, you may enjoy similar shows. Here are the Top 5 handpick shows/series that you should watch before I am Legend 2 releases:


That’s everything to know about the I am Legend 2 possible release date and an alternate ending. Are you also looking forward to the movie? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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