Internet goes haywire over Sakura vs Sasori fight because of the Narutop99 Poll results: Here’s what it’s about

Sakura vs Sasori

A rather drastic scene with the Anime community seems to fend from its tedious inclination to project hate onto a certain character, every now and then. The platform where such outburst usually manifests themselves is near the territorial areas of Twitter and Reddit. For the uninitiated, Narutop99 was an ongoing Naruto poll that was dedicated to finding the most famous Naruto character. In one of its categories, the top-voted fight seemed to be Sakura vs Sasori. And this has got fans blazing heads – here’s what it is about.

What was Narutop99 poll all about?

Naruto Jump Festa 2023
Naruto Jump Festa 2023 big stage photograph, image retrieved via

The 20th Anniversary of Naruto was celebrated at Jump Festa 2023, where a global popularity poll called “Narutop99” was announced. The character who received the highest number of votes would be awarded their own manga series illustrated by the renowned mangaka, Masashi Kishimoto.

  • Voting for the poll commenced on December 17, 2022, and concluded on January 31, 2023. Fans voted enthusiastically every day to support their favorite character, hoping to secure their victory. The poll has now concluded, and fans eagerly anticipate the announcement of the results.

Why are people hating on Sakura over Narutop99?

Sakura vs Sasori in Narutop99
Image courtesy of Shonen Jump+ Services,

As of the mid-report on January 31, 2023, with voting having commenced on December 17, 2022, Minato was leading the poll, with Itachi and Sakura following in second and third place, respectively.

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Sakura’s impressive jump from ninth place to the top three has sparked controversy among the fandom. The final poll results are leading soon, coming this April. But as the results’ date draws near, fans are seemingly divided.

About Sakura vs Sasori being declared the best fight scene from the Naruto Series

In addition, the battle scene between Sakura and Chiyo versus Sasori in the Kazekage rescue arc was recently declared the best fight scene in Naruto, which took fans by surprise. Although the series has featured many remarkable fight scenes, this particular battle was recognized for its outstanding choreography and emotional intensity.

What fight could have taken that spot instead then?

Some fans who hold a negative view towards Sakura have responded to this news by spreading more hate towards the character. People outright thought the contender for number one in the top fight would be one of the fights from the renowned Fourth Great Shinobi War.

  1. The likes of Kakashi vs Obito in their final battle were easily one of the most provokingly breathtaking fights ever animated in the history of Anime. And this is due to the sheer amount of emotion and legacy that the fight carried.
  2. Another contender was easily Naruto vs Sasuke, at the Valley of The End – easily historic and deserving of the popularity poll.

But as the people choose differently, some users have come out calling the haters on their faces. Ranting about how despite their ‘women ☕’ remarks, Sakura is possibly about to win the poll.


Sasuke and Sakura
Courtesy of Shonen Jump+

Sakura is widely disliked among anime fans due to several reasons. Her perceived lack of usefulness during crucial moments has led fans to view her as weak and useless when compared to her teammates Naruto and Sasuke.

Additionally, her character growth was inconsistent, resulting in her displaying impressive skills on some occasions but being helpless and indecisive on others. This inconsistency was also evident in her fighting abilities, causing fans to doubt her capabilities. As a result, her potential win in the NaruTop99 poll has caused outrage among fans who feel she does not deserve the title.

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