Is Boruto Dead? Episode 293 (Mid-series Finale) of the Anime leaves fans baffled

One of shonen’s most prominent anime series has finally concluded. Today, the Boruto anime presented its mid-series finale to the world, and Boruto episode 293 will leave fans abuzz for quite some time. And this has many asking, is Boruto dead in the Anime?

What did Boruto Episode 293 entail?

For the past few weeks, it has been known that the first part of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was approaching its conclusion. Recently, TV Tokyo aired Boruto episode 293 in Japan, and the finale has now reached fans worldwide. The crucial episode, titled “Farewell,” ties up some loose ends about the Uzumaki family before posing some significant questions.

In his mission to avenge Jigen and fulfill Otsutsuki’s desires, Code has not acted alone. The arc that the Midseries finale concluded was the Code Arc.

The Code Arc that has so far ensued

Boruto Code Arc
Code as seen in Boruto Episode 287, image courtesy of Crunchyroll

The Code arc started when Code appeared, the last remaining member of Inner Kara, with the goal of avenging Isshiki and obtaining divine status. His plan involved targeting Boruto and Kawaki to cultivate the God Tree and collect its Chakra fruit.

  • On February 12, 2023, Boruto episode 287 marked the beginning of the Code arc, introducing Code as a menacing threat to Konoha.
  • Code was accompanied by two cyborgs, Eida and Daemon, both created by Amado and possessing shinjutsu abilities derived from Shibai’s remains.

Upon his arrival, Code had a clear mission of pursuing Boruto and Kawaki. However, it seemed that he needed to make some preparations before he could confront them.

  • The latest anime introduced Eida and Daemon who are two incredibly potent ninjas, are actively assisting in the reconstruction of the Kara Organization from scratch.
  • These two are to be witnessed in the oncoming episodes in Boruto Part 2, if the Anime’s second part remain faithful to the Manga. Additionally, shockingly the current version of Kara may prove to be even more perilous than its previous lineup.

Is Boruto dead?

Is Boruto Dead? Boruto Anime Episode 293
A falling Boruto as seen in Episode 292 Image courtesy of Studio Pierrot, snapshot from Crunchyroll Collections Youtube

The finale of Boruto episode 293 confirms that Kawaki did indeed defeat Boruto during their fight, but Boruto is not one to give up easily.

Upon falling to his death, fans (and the characters such as Naruto similarly alike) are brought relentless. But, instead of succumbing to death, he is brought back to life by Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who sacrifices part of the Karma seal to revive him. However, this comes with a price – Momoshiki can no longer possess Boruto’s body.

The death and revival of Boruto Uzumaki

Is Boruto Dead? Boruto Anime Episode 293
Naruto witnesses his Son almost fall to his death, Image courtesy of Studio Pierrot, snapshot from Crunchyroll Collections Youtube

The aftermath of Kawaki’s attack is the primary focus of Boruto episode 293. And that aftermath is truly indeed that Boruto is Dead. Although this isn’t for long. In a particularly emotional scene, Naruto mourns his son’s apparent death. The situation only gets more complicated from there.

  • By the end of the mid-series finale, Kawaki is reunited with Boruto, and they mirror their older versions from the flash-forward seen in the first episode.
  • This development suggests that the time skip hinted at in episode 1 will be explored in future episodes. We have discussed this even more deliberately, check out our guide right here.


The threat of Momoshiki currently seems to have impeded and gone away. This however, has not put Boruto into calm waters. Boruto remains vigilant against the threat that Momoshiki poses. What are your expectations from the upcoming Boruto Anime Part 2?

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