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Major Grom: Plague Doctor is a movie based on a Russian comic of the same name. The movie presents a solid plot, a good cast, and plenty of entertainment. DC fans will be able to spot similarities between this movie and Batman but in very interesting ways. The movie can be refreshing for comic fans and will definitely keep you entertained. From the classic battle of morals and principles to the timely fading in and out of music, Major Grom: Plague Doctor is a good watch.

The Classic Comic

Just like so many comic movie adaptations, Major Grom also presents us with the morally motivated protagonist who is distant. The most popular comparison would be Batman. However, other closer similarities to Batman can also be found.

The protagonist, Major Grom, is a police officer who does not follow the rules of the book. Though he refuses to wear a uniform and stick to the police code, he has his own set of methods to seek out justice within a broken system. The limited power and capacity of the police are acknowledged by Grom. So, he employs more unorthodox methods in his investigations and chases.

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The classic broken system theme can also be found in Major Grom. Similar to Batman, we find that the city is filled with corruption, defunct law, rich people getting their way, and so on. Moreover, the philanthropic rich guy who is concerned about the state of affairs; attempting to do his part to save the city is also a classic presence.

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A vigilante appeals to the masses, calling for a change to the system, that has failed them. But who is this vigilante, you ask? You won’t get the answer here!

The Characters

The characters in Major Grom are quite interesting. As mentioned, the classic emotionally distant, morally motivated protagonist is itself retold. A superhero with no powers except that of the law he upholds taking on a villain with a Batman suit and flamethrowers. However, some might argue that he does have the ability to predict combat action, like Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes. But that is hardly a superpower.

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There is the philanthropist who is also disgusted at the crumbling social values in the city. He too attempts, in his own way, to help the people in any way he can. His character also shows that even rich people at the forefront of events can feel the pressure of it all. From being unable to digest a single piece of news to challenging a casino owner explicitly. This character exists to show that not everything is about money and profit.

Moreover, the concept of data privacy is also touched upon using this character. Data privacy and big corporations have become common topics of discussion in today’s world. It is nice to see a reference to it in a superhero movie.

Beyond this are the other three main characters that can be considered closest to the protagonist. The police chief wants Grom to have someone in his life. The assistant who wishes to work with Grom, but is ignored and then later recognized. Finally, the female lead, a reporter who comes to work with Grom. Some of these characters may play supporting roles. However, they add value to the movie and feel like an integral part of it.

The Plot

The plot feels like a twisted Batman story with the characters mixed and matched. It is definitely an interesting watch for any DC fan, especially Batman fans. The viewer will be treated to a revamped Gotham with its own issues, politics, millionaires, vigilantes, police officers, and people. Add a little bit of a millionaire with a concern for the state of affairs; a character that appeals to the disgruntled masses like Joaquin Pheonix’s Joker. Along with that, a masked vigilante with a technologically advanced suit, and an asylum (at the end of the movie). This does not mean that the story is not unique.

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The music and the presentation, especially in certain places, are deeply engaging. The riot scenes accompanied by the timely music add to the scenes and make them more enjoyable to watch.

Overall, Major Grom: Plague Doctor is a good watch, especially for Batman and DC fans. Major Grom can be appreciated on its own even though the concepts and themes may sound similar.

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