Netflix: Troll – What we know so far

The Netflix horror film Troll is closer to its release date, and the streaming company announced that it will air on December 1, 2022. After releasing a teaser to promote the film, many horror fans are excited to learn more about its story. The titular troll here is unlike the cartoons or the internet trolls. It’s the origin of the word from Norse mythology, detailing colossal creatures that prey upon humans during the night.

In the film’s teaser, it seems that we will have the lead characters discover the existence of a troll. From there, they must stop it before it starts killing people in Norway.

Cast and Crew

The film stars Norwegian actors, namely Ine Marie Wilmann, in her Netflix debut. She is best known for portraying the figure skating legend Sonja Henie in the film: Sonja: The White Swan. She’s also worked on several local television shows like Furia and Exit. Her co-star will be Mads Sjogard Petterson, who is best known for his work in the film: Eddie the Eagle. It stars Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman.

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The film’s director is Norwegian Roar Uthaug, who is no stranger to releasing AAA movies. He previously worked on the Tomb Raider revival in 2018, starring Alicia Vikander. He first rose to fame with the disaster film, The Wave, released in 2015. The screenwriter of Troll is Espen Aukan, who worked on shows such as Cadaver and The Games. Here is a list of the other cast members:

  • Pal Anders Nordvi
  • Pal Richard Lunderby
  • Gard B. Eidsvold
  • Hugo Mikal Skar
  • Eric Vorenholt


Filming for Troll began in September 2021 and wrapped up three months later. Most of the filming occured in Oslo, Norway, and several nearby areas. Fans will enjoy visuals from the stunning country up north and one of the origins of Scandinavian/Norse folklore.

What Was in the Teaser

The teaser shows what looks like a father-daughter expedition to learn more about a creature stalking Norway. We see shots of large bones, destroyed areas, and massive footprints. While the scenes are playing, one of the characters talks about the lore of Trolls in mythology.

They were nocturnal creatures who feared the sunlight because it would freeze them. As such, they hunted humans at night. Many Vikings believed that these creatures would become part of the geographical landmarks in Norway today. These were giants capable of destroying villages and killing people en masse.

The teaser then built up to a shot where the troll’s eye opened, revealing that it was behind them while they search for it. It began standing up and giving chase before cutting to the title. We’ll likely get more details as we get closer to the release date, with a full trailer to promote it.

What to Expect

Troll feels like a monster film akin to Godzilla rather than your typical jumpscare horror. From what they revealed, there are a many interesting things with the lore and the story’s progression. Time will tell if people come to accept it after its release.

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