Netflix crime thriller the night agent series dramas
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Netflix’s recent release, The Night Agent, starring Gabriel Basso as FBI agent Peter Sutherland, is reviving the genre of classic crime-thriller dramas. It is successfully tackling the detective bones in audiences as they plunge into this drama searching for a mole in the White House along with Sutherland.

However, Season 1 of the series, like all good things, came to end. Currently, there is no news of its revival, but keeping the positive reactions in consideration, there is a chance of it coming back. So, while you wait for The Night Agent Season 2, we present to you the five best crime-thriller dramas that Netflix has to offer.

Disclaimer: The article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinions. 

5 best crime-thrillers like The Night Agent on Netflix: Inside Man, Mindhunter, and more

5 best crime thriller the night agent series dramas
Still from The Night Agent (Image courtesy of Netflix)

Netflix often updates its crime thriller inventory with the best releases the world has to offer. It is also one of the streaming site’s most successful genres, with major hits such as Lucifer, Peaky Blinders, Lupin, and Money Heist. Out of all of them, we present to you the five best crime-thrillers to engage your brain cells by streaming them right now.

5) Your Turn To Kill

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Total Episodes: 20 Episodes

Cast & Crew: Tomoyo Harada, Kei Tanaka, Yoshihiko Hakamada, and Reiko Kataoka

Your Turn To Kill follows a newly married couple, Nana and Shouta, as they move to a new apartment. However, a mysterious event leading to a string of murders raises tension among the tenants. Available suspects have strong alibis and weak motives. Hence, Nana and Shouto must find out the reasons behind these mysterious crime cases to survive.

Why you should watch it? Your Turn To Kill takes its time to build the mystery. It’s charm is in its rising tension and audience’s suspicion as new cards are revealed. If you enjoyed Mr. Hiragi’s Homeroom, then you are sure to enjoy this Japanese crime-thriller series as well.

4) Remember You

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Country: Thailand

Language: Thai

Total Episodes: 16 Episodes

Cast & Crew: Paopetch Charoensook, Kemisara Paladesh, and Tawan Vihokratana

Remember You follows a detective and his colleague as they try to uncover the secrets behind a crime case. Upon investigation, the threads of the mystery start to entangle with the detective’s past and they end up in a cat-and-mouse chase. This drama is the official Thai remake of the popular South Korean series Hello Monster, which starred Seo In-guk and Park Bo-gum.

Why you should watch it? Although Remember You is a remake, its storyline and characters have received many variations. It not only renews the plot for the streaming network but also adds more depth to the backstory of the characters. If you enjoyed Flower Of Evil, then you are sure to enjoy this Thai crime thriller series as well.

3) Inside Man

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Crime, Thriller

Country: England

Language: English

Total Episodes: 4 Episodes

Cast & Crew: David Tennant, Stanley Tucci, Dolly Wells, and Lydia West

Inside Man follows an American criminologist and death row prisoner who still possesses a knack for solving crimes. Due to intriguing circumstances, he ends up helping a young British journalist search for her missing friend.

Why you should watch it? Inside Man takes the audience on a peculiar journey of discovering what ticks an ordinary citizen to turn into a heinous murderer. This British miniseries comes from prolific makers to walk the known path with intriguing premises and witty characters. If you enjoyed The Blacklist, then you are sure to enjoy this British crime thriller series as well.

2) Through The Darkness

Genre: Psychological, Crime, Thriller

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Total Episodes: 12 Episodes

Cast & Crew: Kim Nam-gil,  Jin Seon-kyu, and Kim So-jin

Through The Darkness follows the journey of Korea’s first criminal profiler as he navigates through the notorious serial killings in South Korea. The drama is based on the biographical novel of Kwon Il-yong titled, Those Who Read the Minds of Evil.

Why you should watch it? Through The Darkness is an exemplary psychological drama. It perfectly balances the study of criminal minds and its effects on detectives and media. The drama also touches upon real events and is praised for depicting them without any cinematic exaggerations. If you enjoyed Mindhunter, then you are sure to enjoy this South Korean crime thriller series as well.

1) Mindhunter

Genre: Psychological, Crime, Thriller

Country: United States

Language: English

Total Episodes: 19 Episodes (2 Seasons)

Cast & Crew: Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, and Anna Torv

Mindhunter follows the founding of the Behavioral Science Unit in the FBI in the late 1970s. It also depicts the beginning and rise of criminal profiling by revisiting some of the most notorious criminal cases, including the Atlanta murders of 1971 to 1979.

Why you should watch it? Mindhunter is praised for its screenplay, acting, and historical significance by critics and audiences. It immerses the audiences in its rabbit hole of criminal profiling along with its memorable characters Jonathan and Holt. If you enjoyed Through The Darkness, then you are sure to love this American crime-thriller series as well.

These are all the crime thriller dramas on our list of the best Netflix series available in 2023. How many of them have you watched and which other dramas should be on this list? do let us know in the comments below.

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