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Do you endlessly scroll through new Netflix releases without knowing what to watch? Here is a curated list of films on Netflix that includes the biggest hits of 2022, Netflix Originals, and upcoming releases for the month.

Bullet Train

Bullet Train is a wildly entertaining action comedy set inside a fast-moving train in Japan.

  • In the film, Brad Pitt plays an unlucky assassin. Five other assassins on the train, each with different motives, bring conflict with his mission.

  • The film is directed by David Leitch, who previously made Deadpool 2 and Hobbs & Shaw. While the ensemble cast includes Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon, and veteran actress Sandra Bullock.


Athena is a French urban political action spectacle directed by Romain Gavras.

  • The tragic death of a young boy sparks off violent civil unrest, which only goes from bad to worse.
  • The film is composed of long, uninterrupted action set pieces that’ll make you wonder, “How on earth did they manage to make this?

You can watch ATHENA on Netflix’s Official Site.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Director Rian Johnson‘s much-anticipated sequel to his 2019 film Knives Out is expected to be available on Netflix for worldwide streaming on December 23rd.

Image Courtesy of TV Insider

If you’re a murder mystery fan, you simply cannot miss this.


Adam Sandler is back with a rare masterclass performance, alongside films like Uncut Gems (also streaming on Netflix) and Punch-Drunk Love.

  • Hustle is about an NBA scout trying to revive his career with a breakout player from the streets of Spain. If Jerry Maguire and Moneyball are your favorite films, Hustle should definitely be on your watch list.

Watch Hustle | Netflix Official Site

White Noise

White Noise marks Adam Driver and Noah Baumbach’s next collaboration after Marriage Story, also produced by Netflix. Baumbach’s wife and Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig plays the female lead.

Watch the teaser for the upcoming apocalyptic black comedy film here:


Have you ever noticed Robert Downey Jr.’s name and wondered who Robert Downey Sr. is?

  • This black-and-white documentary directed by the Iron Man star himself is a moving tribute to his late father.
  • Robert Downey Sr. himself is a maverick filmmaker and the documentary centers around his life and career.

Watch “Sr.” | Netflix Official Site

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

The Oscar-winning director takes on the timeless story of the wooden puppet who comes to life with magic.

Watch the official teaser trailer of Pinocchio before its Netflix premiere on December 9th:

The Wonder

Florence Pugh is back with another standout performance.

  • She plays an English nurse in this period mystery thriller set in the Irish Midlands in 1862.

Watch The Wonder | Netflix Official Site

  • Netflix started 2022 a bit shaky when they lost subscribers left and right. However, they have managed to turn things around with a solid slate of releases.

If anything, 2022 turned out to be the year that Netflix rediscovered its spark.

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