It’s not uncommon for Netflix to cancel shows but their latest victim has truly shocked audiences. Netflix has officially canceled the animated sitcom Inside Job after just one successful season. This was confirmed on Twitter by the show’s creator, Shion Takeuchi. Since then, fans have been furious with the streaming giant for this decision. Read to find out what Inside Job was all about and why Netflix decided to cancel it.

Netflix Inside Job canceled
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Inside Job canceled

The executives at Netflix seem to be on a cancelation spree that has fans of all moderately successful shows anxious.

  • Shows like 1899 and Warrior Nun were recently scrapped, and Inside Job is the latest addition to this graveyard of canceled shows.

  • Shion Takeuchi, who previously wrote Gravity Falls, took to Twitter to share her disappointment with Netflix’s decision to cancel Inside Job. She also thanked the fans for their love and support for the show and its characters, Reagan and Brett.
  • Social media reactions have not been kind as fans believe it’s hard to get immersed into a good show on Netflix, knowing it’s going to be canceled without consideration.

Why was it scrapped

Interestingly, Netflix renewed Inside Job for a second season in June 2022. The show’s fans are clueless as to why the studio would promise them renewal and then go back and cancel it.

  • So far, there has been no official statement from Netflix even though they have confirmed the cancelation. It is speculated that Netflix’s streaming algorithm and its financial woes could have resulted in this decision.
  • Thousands of fans have expressed their concern over Netflix’s ruthlessness when it comes to canceling shows. Even if they are well-received by both critics and audiences alike, Netflix doesn’t seem to spare them and Inside Job is an appropriate example. 

About the show

Inside Job is an animated satire that revolves around an anti-social genius Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan) and her team. The show is set in a world where conspiracy theories are real.

Netflix show canceled
Image courtesy of Netflix
  • Inside Job’s voice cast includes big names like Christian Slater, Clark Duke, Adam Scott, and Tisha Campbell. The first season of Inside Job premiered on Netflix in October 2021, with eighteen episodes
  • The show was billed as the first adult animated series produced in-house by Netflix. Inside Job’s animation style, social satire, and voice acting performances were lauded by critics upon its initial release. 
  • It’s puzzling that the show was canceled despite raking in good numbers, even from Netflix’s perspective.

  • It’s disheartening to watch a lot of shows being canceled by Netflix after just one or two seasons as it usually takes longer to establish. The cancellation of Inside Job means that we will never get to go on another adventure in the world of Cognito

Characters like Reagan and Brett will never get the ending we all would have loved to see. Do you think Netflix was right to cancel Inside Job?

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