The world of La Casa de Papel, as I often like to use the word, is a pop culture phenomenon. Having grown from the very least expectations to one of Netflix’s largest growing series worldwide. In 2021, shortly before the final season of Money Heist, rumors started to appear regarding a spin-off that included one of the most famous characters of the show – Berlin.

Played by Pedro Alonso, the genius on-mission leader of the entire heist was a sociopathic mastermind. Today we await the release of Money Heist Spin Off Berlin, which according to the creators will be full of love and heist. 

  • Money Heist told us the eccentric story of El Professor. Together with his band of high-profile thieves codenamed after famous cities, attempted Spain’s greatest heist ever.
  • After its immense popularity, a Korean series titled Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area finished production and aired on the same streaming site (Netflix).

Yet after what seemed to be a rather negative criticism of the series (which copied the Spanish original work scratched down), fans exposed wishes for a Berlin spin-off. Here’s everything we know about this Money Heist spin-off Berlin all planned for a 2023 release. Principal photography and shooting were officially scheduled for October 3, 2022.

Money Heist Spin Off Berlin’s announcement

In June of this year, Money Heist’s official Instagram revealed a picture of a script-in work. Rumouredly titled Money Heist Berlin. Alex Pina, the creator, wrote that Berlin is already beginning to take place. Given the scheduled release for 2023, scripting must have already finished with principal photography beginning just around October beginning.

  • The text translates to Berlin – Paris, my Love.
  • This point fans back to Season 2 which featured a past Berlin with his brother Sergio, also known as El Professor.

Berlin whose real name is Andrés de Fonollosa, has been a major attraction despite being a sociopath. The robbery at The Royal Mint of Spain in season 1 was headed by Berlin as the second-in-charge right after the professor. A few years late spoiler alert, but Berlin’s revelation as the brother of the professor was about one of the most attractive factions in the first season.

All we know about Money Heist Berlin Netflix 

In a press conference, the creators unveiled the following statement about the script –

“There are only ten things that can turn a terrible day into a wonderful one. The first is love. And the truth, that wasn’t the case. My third wife had just left me…The second is a spoil of more than ten million euros. But it wasn’t the case either. We were going to steal the link to a much bigger heist, today’s was easy. But if you have a bad day, you can end up bringing a miserable to his knees and aiming for his head.”

The plot will revolve around Berlin’s past wives

The plot will revolve around Berlin in his past. Suffering from Parkinson’s, a terminal disease, Berlin lives off the best of his life in Paris. The following seasons after the first in Money Heist revealed Berlin’s affairs. He previously had 5 wives.

The greatest to take out from among all his previous wives is Tatiana, who he was revealed to be madly in love with in Season 3. But Tatiana ends up falling in love with her husband’s son, Rafael. This makes Berlin deny Tatiana any of his inheritance, and also begrudgingly takes out his anger in a bar. This eventually leads to his arrest.

Berlin Netflix may feature a new job in each episode, and also new love interests

There are two possibilities that we see the script going off on.

  1. Firstly, although less likely, each of the episodes may feature a different heist, a different robbery. As much as we know, Berlin has always been a genius in stealing. It is no wonder that he has pulled off multiple jobs even before his great endeavor in the bank of pain with Professor and others.
  2. Or the show could simply focus on one heist. In the official script reveal as shown in the press conference above, Berlin reads off about love and a heist worth 10 million euros.  Given that the themes of the spin-off are love and heist, one can also expect the lores of each of his different loves to be explored.

Possibilities of the original cast returning?

When asked about the possibilities of the original characters from Money Heist making appearances, the creators seemed hesitant to say anything. Although they did give out a generous smile while mentioning that such a mention would not only be a spoiler but would also build up expectations for the fans. But give or take, I expect Marsella and Martin to possibly make appearances. El Professor is also almost inevitable.

Money Heist Spin-Off Berlin Netflix all new characters and cast

Recently Netflix revealed a promo video featuring all the new characters that are set for appearing in Money Heist Berlin. The characters are as follows

All the images featured are the courtesy of the Berlin Character Introduction promo video on official Netflix’s youtube channel.


Berlin Netflix

Of course.


Keila in Money Heist spin-off berlin

Keila played by Michelle Jenner has been described as an eminence in electronic engineering. She is also an expert computer scientist with apt knowledge of cybersecurity. As such she will reprise a role crafty of the ways with hacking, tracking, and basically everything tech-savvy. Keila is “all good in the intellectual matter, while not in emotional matters” as said by Jenner in the press conference.


Damian in Netflix Berlin
Damian, the philanthropic professor

A philanthropic professor and Berlin’s confidant, Damián is played by Tristán Ulloa. The actor notes that his character has been an ardent friend of Berlin, while also noting the same for both actors. Given how he’s been described as Berlin’s confidant, he will probably have a similar role as Berlin did to the professor in the first Money Heist.


Cameron in Money Heist Berlin
The sexy senorita, Cameron

Begoña Vargas as Cameron; is the kamikaze who’s always on the edge. To give you a similar picture, Tokyo bores the highest familiarities with this sorta persona.


Roi, Berlin’s right hand man

Julio Peña Fernández as Roi deemed as Berlin’s faithful squire. Berlin in the past got Roi out of a serious situation, hence earning the boy’s loyalty. As such Roi will probably be Berlin’s go-to assistance for everything menial.


Bruce of Berlin Netflix
Bruce, as seen in the promo

Last but not least, Joel Sánchez joins the cast as Bruce. The relentless man of action in the gang. Similar in his disposition to Denver in some sense, but more brute and less brains.


Money Heist Berlin is created by Esther Martínez Lobato and Álex Pina, and written by David Oliva, Esther Martínez Lobato, Álex Pina, and David Berrocal. This 8-episode-long spin-off to Money Heist will be directed by directors David Barrocal, Albert Pintó,  and Geoffrey Cowper.

“Berin’s character has the most sparkling personality to place it in another universe. We loved the idea of introducing a new gang around Berlin in a completely different emotional state,”

said the Money Heist creators. How are you awaiting this esteemed spin-off? Let us know in the comments down below.

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