Alright, has everyone finished binge-watching Netflix’s Outer Banks Season 3 or OBX S3? If so, we know you’re all ready for the incoming good news! Netflix speedily renews OBX, as fans love to call it, just before the latest episodes drop. Yup, so in case you missed it, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Outer Banks Season 4 — possible release date, casts, crew, age rating, and more. Also, let’s take a peek at how Season 3 concluded, just to give us some possibilities for the new season.

Outer Banks Season 4

Yes, no jokes, Netflix officially renews Outer Banks for another season, and fans love to see more. As the third season’s episodes dropped on February 23, it easily climbed up to the Top 10 list on Netflix.

Outer Banks Season 3, OBX teaser
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  • While the announcement came days before the recent release, fans have been waiting for more hints on what Netflix’s OBX Season 4 would be about. Well, we too are greatly curious about what trouble (and probably success) this group would go into the next season.
  • Moreover, while the fans go wild for the latest episodes, the production team headed by Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke has their minds fixed on what’s coming next.
  • However, producers and Netflix share no clues on what’s next for the series, so we have to wait. According to a Netflix press release, OBX Season 4 details would be coming at a later time, so let’s watch out for that.
  • At this moment, we can say that the Outer Banks crew would be getting on a new treasure hunt adventure, that’s for sure. While the third season may answer questions about the importance of the gold, and of a bigger treasure, maybe Season 4 revolves around their survival and finish this story. Well, everything can be up for discussion, so let us know your thoughts below!

Cast, crew, release date, and age rating

For sure, we can expect no difference from the showrunners. Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke come back to head the story and vision for the fourth season.

  • Moreover, the main cast would be back, that’s what we expect. including Chase Stokes as John B., Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Carlacia Grant as Cleo, and Rudy Pankow as JJ.

  • If Netflix just dropped the third season this February 2023, that makes it around a year and a half from Season 3’s release. So, the nearest guess for the Season 4 arrival would be next year. OBX Season 4 could drop in the mid, Q2, or Q3, of 2024, and that remains our guess for now.
  • Let’s also add the age rating here for the Netflix series Outer Banks. Netflix states that the maturity rating for this action and adventure series is 16+. While the characters in the series portray as high school students, some scenes may not be suitable for same-aged viewers. if parents wish to watch the series with their kids, we highly advise your guidance.
  • The series includes violence, sexual content, language, and substances, that may not be recommended for minors.

OBX cast surprised fans with renewal

In the recently concluded Poguelandia, a Netflix immersive music event for fans to enjoy the world of Outer Banks. The event happened last February 18, at Huntington Beach, California, and the Outer Banks cast joined in the fun as well.

  • This led the cast to announce the renewal when they got up on stage. After the appearance in Poguelandia, the official Instagram account of OBX posted and confirmed the coming of Season 4.

What happened in OBX Season 3?

If you’re not up for any spoilers, then it would be safer not to read more from here. We’ll give a glimpse of how OBX Season 3 ended which then would lead to the opening of Netflix’s Outer Banks Season 4.

  • Okay, so El Dorado and gold, check. The crew reached El Dorado, and find the treasure they had been looking for. You certainly expected some turns of events, and we would not dive deeper into it.
  • Secondly, the main cast remains safe. Do know that there are a few deaths still, but your favorite Pogues are good. An 18-month later jump happens, and everything should be going great, right?
  • We hope for that too, but OBX says hello to another season with a man offering another hunt. Well, there goes the start of Outer Banks Season 4, so are you prepared to jump into a new adventure?

Now that you know details about the cast and crew, age rating, and updates about the upcoming Outer Banks on Netflix, are you ready to join the Pogues in another treasure hunt in OBX Season 4? We are!

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