What happens when 16 people are dropped off in the middle of a freezing wilderness and only one of them can win a grand prize of $1,000,000 just for surviving? That’s the whole idea of Netflix’s Outlast in a nutshell. Here is what we know so far about Netflix’s Outlast reality survival series including a list of all cast members as well as confirmed release date. Read to find out. 

Netflix: Outlast

According to the show’s official description on Netflix, Outlast is a raw survival competition series where 16 contestants will compete against each other in the Alaskan wilderness. The grand prize is one million dollars.

  • Interestingly, the show’s participants are all ‘lone wolves’, who prefer working alone rather than in teams. However, the primary rule is that they must be part of a team to win.
  • The show revolves around the concept that the enemy is not mother nature, it’s human nature. Netflix has dropped a new trailer for Outlast and the upcoming survival series promises to be quite an intense adventure.

Cast Members

The non-scripted reality survival show will feature 16 contestants in total competing for the grand prize of $1,000,000. Here is a list of all the cast members from Netflix’s Outlast:

  1. Amber Asay – 34, Arizona – Long-haul hiker and gunshot survivor.
  2. Andrea Hilderbrand – 51, North Carolina – Mountaineer and extreme sports enthusiast.
  3. Angie Kenai – 30, Texas – Former Texas State Guard member, climber and fisher.
  4. Brian Kahrs – 59, Florida – Joined a survival group as a teenager.
  5. Corey Johnson – 28, Colorado – Model turned outdoors and survival enthusiast.
  6. Dawn Nelson – 43, Washington – Former corrections officer and cancer survivor.
  7. Javier Colon – 42, San Francisco – 23 years of international outdoor experience.
  8. Jill Ashock – 40, Kentucky – Mother of three, archer, former PI and firefighter.
  9. Joel Hungate – 33, Indiana – Engineer, health care tech innovator and a mountaineer. 
  10. Jordan Williams – 25, Colorado – Serves in the United States Marine Corps.
  11. Justin Court – 44, Kentucky – Tour guide, bowhunter and jiu jitsu black belt holder.
  12. Lee Ettinger – 57, Montana – Former Marine, Founder-CEO of Better Living Products.
  13. Nick Radner – 36, Florida – High-school teacher and wrestling coach.
  14. Paul Preece – 47, Tennessee – Pro hunter, fisherman, whitetail bowhunting trip guide.
  15. Seth Lueker – 31, Virginia – Former US Marine, combat survival enthusiast.
  16. Timothy Spears – 33, Colorado – Outdoors and wilderness explorer.

How to win Outlast?

The 16 contestants are dropped by parachute in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness during the fall. As winter nears, so does the threat of rain, freezing temperatures and of course, bears.

Netflix reality survival series cast members release date
Image courtesy of Netflix Life
  • The 16 players will be split into four different teams who will set up camps in different locations. The contestants will have to get out of their comfort zone of working alone and collaborate as a team to win the final $1,000,000 prize.
  • In Netflix’s Outlast, players can change their teams at any point. This spices up things as we can expect some cold betrayals, unexpected alliances, and a lot of constant tension.
  • Unlike other reality shows, there is no scope to vote contestants out of the competition. Instead, the only way out is to give up.

Hollywood actor Jason Bateman serves as an executive producer on Netflix’s Outlast, as the survival series is produced by his Aggregate Films. Outlast has a confirmed release date for streaming on Netflix from March 10, 2023. 

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