Netflix Reality TV Show inspired by Squid Game - All Details

Have you watched the thrilling South Korean series, Squid Game? Can you imagine winning millions of dollars through a series of (literal) death-defying, strategic, and luck games? What if we tell you right here that you’ll play the Squid Game, excluding the gore and blood, of course, you in? Be one of the Squid Game: The Challenge stars on the Netflix reality TV show. You can know all details of the series-inspired show here, and might as well, try to take home the prize money!

Netflix’s Squid Game-inspired show

Way back on June 15, 2022, Netflix announced a green light on the reality TV show. Due to the global phenomenon of the Squid Game series, Netflix brings to life this TV reality show.

  • Introducing the biggest reality competition — Squid Game: The Challenge. By being the biggest we mean that 456 real players are joining the competition.
Netflix reality TV show Squid Game The Challenge
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Netflix via YouTube
  • Another biggest reveal for this reality TV show — a whopping and *definitely* life-changing prize money of $4.56 million. Crazy amount? Oh, we hope to see crazy games to get this huge amount.

How the games roll

At the time of this writing, no specific games yet have been revealed. But if you watched the Squid Game series, you may find a glimpse of how the games will be played.

  • Pretty much we’ll expect to see the exciting and terrifying Red Light, Green Light game. Players had to run and halt accordingly for their lives on the show. It would be fun to see this being played on a reality show though. Without violence involved, maybe spray paint would do the trick to eliminate people!
Squid Game, red light green light
Image Courtesy of Netflix via Facebook
  • The Sugar Honeycomb game wherein you pick a random shape and you get nothing only but a needle. You have to carve out the shape from the fragile and circle-shaped honeycomb. More catch? You have to finish it within a time limit.
Squid Game, honeycomb
Image Courtesy of Squid Game Wiki Fandom
  • Netflix added in their announcement that newly added games are to watch for. Strategies, alliances, and character of each participant will get tested as their opponents get eliminated.

Release date and Recruitment

As of this writing, no news yet for the date of release of the Season 1 of Squid Game: The Challenge. We hope we can hear more by next year about the show’s progress!

  • You probably won’t need any ‘ddakji’ and slapping on a train station to get recruited. The recruitment opened last June 2022 for the U.S., the U.K., and Global Casting of the reality TV show. The Front-Man seeks English-language speakers from around the globe.
Squid Game The Challenge, netflix reality TV show
Image Courtesy of Squid Game Casting
  • Unfortunately, the recruitment for the first season officially closed in September 2022. However, if you wish to show interest in the (hopefully) next season, then you can still register on the Squid Game Casting website.

The crew

For the Netflix reality TV show Squid Game: The Challenge, the huge streaming giant mentions the crew handling the show. It would be a co-production between Studio Lambert and The Garden to produce a 10-episode competition show. In addition, the filming happens in the U.K.

  • The original series Squid Game sets to release a second season of the series. No information on that yet, but Netflix and Director Hwang Dong-hyuk would bring another round of games hand-in-hand.

Do you think you have everything it takes to take home the grand prize money in this Netflix reality TV show Squid Game-inspired? See you at the games, participants!

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