Netflix hopes to ride on the success of its surprise hit Wednesday as the show officially gets a second season. Starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams and directed by Tim Burton, the first season of Wednesday released in November 2022. The Nevermore mystery show quickly became the second most-watched English language series on the platform. Here’s what we know so far about Season 2 of Netflix’s Wednesday and its possible release date.

Wednesday Season 2 announcement

On January 6, Netflix officially confirmed that Wednesday would return for more episodes. Even though the announcement was inevitable after the show’s massive success, fans were still quite excited.

  • At the end of the first season, Wednesday Addams receives threatening texts from an unknown number on her new phone. Wednesday is glad to have her “very first stalker”.
  • The second season is expected to take off from this point as we find out the identity of the stalker and continue other plot threads of Tyler/Hyde and Laurel Gates.

Possible release date

There was no release date mentioned in Netflix’s official announcement video for Wednesday’s second season. Looking back at the first season’s release, Netflix dropped all episodes at once on November 23, 2022

Wednesday Addams Netflix Jenna Ortega
Image courtesy of Netflix via Slate
  • Given that the first season was released close to Halloween, we can expect the second season to drop around the same time in 2023 as well.
  • However, Jenna Ortega and Tim Burton’s upcoming works other than Wednesday could possibly affect the schedule. Ortega’s Scream 6 releases in March 2023 and Burton is working on a long-awaited sequel to Beetlejuice.

  • Taking these factors into account along with other processes like extensive CGI-driven post-production, Wednesday’s second season’s possible release date could also be in the second half of 2024.

What we know so far

Fans expect more spotlight on other members of the Addams family in Wednesday’s Season 2 such as Morticia and Gomez Addams. Played by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman, the characters are sidelined in the first season to give more attention to Wednesday.

Addams family Wednesday release date
Image courtesy of Netflix via Vulture
  • Jenna Ortega has expressed that she wants a darker outing for her character in Wednesday’s second season. Showrunner Miles Millar said the new season will deepen the relationship between Wednesday and Morticia.
  • Co-showrunner Al Gough has said Wednesday will continue to focus on the journey and the growth of the titular character in the coming seasons as well.

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday is easily the new favorite gothic teen in town. For the first time since the 1990s, the Addams family is also back in public conversation thanks to the show’s deadpan dialogue and some viral dance moves. Netflix hopes to keep the buzz going with the second season of Wednesday. 

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