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With the fourth season of Netflix’s YOU coming, what do you expect to see? Every season of YOU, Joe Goldberg’s love interest changes, but we can say that we all hoped that Love Quinn would be the last. Love Quinn had been the longest partner of Joe running from Season 2 to the end of Season 3 (given that they became married). They built a family in Madre Linda and broke the family there too. Now, for the million-dollar question: Will Love Quinn return in Netflix YOU Season 4? Read more to find out.

Will actress Victoria Pedretti return as Love Quinn again?

‘The Haunting’ Netflix series star, Victoria Pedretti took the role of Love Quinn when introduced first in the second season. The birth of “I wolf you” started with Love in the series too.

Will Love Quinn return in YOU Season 4, i wolf you
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  • Before having a little throwback, we’re pretty sure Love wouldn’t go back in YOU’s Season 4. Way back in 2021, YOU’s showrunner confirmed that Love Quinn and Joe’s love story comes to an end in Season 3 via a Newsweek interview.
  • Pedretti isn’t part of the cast list for the fourth season as well. So, this would end the thought of having Love Quinn returning to YOU Season 4.
  • Many have been expecting to see her return for the fourth installment, unfortunately, we can’t get that anymore. But hey, Victoria Pedretti reunites with Penn Badgley in Podcrushed, where Badgley hosts. Also, have you watched their TikTok video too?

This week on @podcrushed #victoriapedretti

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What happened to Joe and Love in Season 3?

Have you caught up with YOU’s Season 3? If not, major spoilers coming so beware! However, if the happenings slipped off your mind, let’s have a quick recap.

  • Okay, so we’ll go way back to Madre Linda, a suburb in California. Joe and Love Goldberg moved there, and build their family and life. Their life is stable and almost perfect, Joe works, and Love starts a business, while they take care of their baby.
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  • We said ‘almost perfect’ since hmm, people change. And honestly, we can’t say that we didn’t see this coming. Joe may have developed another love interest which did not end well… she has a wife (with some crazy actions).
  • It didn’t stop there though which leads us to Joe’s new ‘you’ — to Marienne. Anyway, at the end of Season 3, Joe and Love went head to head, not until Joe killed his wife. He then framed her for all his crimes and faked his own death.

  • So, yes, Joe Goldberg, or in Season 4, Jonathan Moore, starts with a clean slate. No kills, no crimes at hand — all clean, and now in London.

More about the YOU 4

Get ready to find yourself in a mystery and with a creepy feeling while watching Joe in YOU 4. He says that this would be his last love, and now, will we believe that?

  • Oh Marienne, we hope you get ready for what awaits you with the coming of Jonathan Moore. As Netflix described this series: In this dark psychological thriller series, an obsessive man goes to extreme measures for love.

Catch YOU Season 4 on Netflix. Part 2 drops on March 9, 2023. And let’s say goodbye now to the love story of Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg. Bye, you.

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