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Anyone who has seen Parasyte the Maxim will tell you of its brilliance – of the radiant light of the existential crisis that it hollers at. Along with the philosophical dilemmas, it gallops every scene, alternating between genius animation, and a worthy music score. Parasyte The Maxim was the Anime adaptation of the work by Hitoshi Iwaaki’s Parasyte (Kiseiju) Manga and will find reincarnation in South Korea. This new K-Drama is is Netflix’s Parasyte: The Grey. 

Netflix's Parasyte The maxim
Parasyte the Maxim key visual via IMDB

Netflix’s Parasyte: The Grey will be a Korean adaptation of the Manga. Back in August, Netflix announced that production has begun for the drama. The original Manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki has sold over 25 million copies in circulation in over 20 territories and countries around the globe. Netflix recently strokes a deal to add 13 shows into their catalog, which includes Parasyte The Maxim. Now, this same streaming giant is eager to hire Climax Studio to do its magic. Netflix will distribute the K-Drama exclusively, worldwide. 

Parasyte’s Original Storyline

parasyte the maxim
Parasyte the maxim anime shows a parasite morphing its head into weapons, courtesy of Crunchyroll
  • The original Parasyte storyline follows a 17-year-old male student named Shinichi Izumi. Izumi lives with a wonderful family that includes his mother and father.
  • One fateful night worm-like creatures that come from off-world (Aliens) invade the Earth’s atmosphere. The creatures are otherwise non-sentient parasites that grasp into the brains of their target. Their prey then becomes a host for the parasite, who after taking the user’s brain finds a consciousness of their own.
  • However, things change when Shinichi is able to deflect the parasite that enters through his right hand by cutting the blood flow off of his hand. Despite the initial difficulty, Izumi succeeds and goes off to sleep.
  • Things flow really out of hand (pun intended) when the next day he wakes up to his right hand stretching far and wide all throughout the room.
  • The parasite seems to have become a symbiote, living coherently with Izumi’s body. Izumi names the parasite Migi because the entity occupies his right hand. (Migi means right hand).

What follows is a series of moral, social, philosophical, and pure action-filled dramas that ensues between Migi, Izumi, the love of his life, his family, and humanity against the alien parasites. The Manga is easily one of history’s finest and most famous Manga ever. Its huge fandom made its anime adaptation in 2014 manifest which was also equally loved.

More on Netflix’s Parasyte: The Grey K-Drama

Shinichi and Murano in Parasyte Anime (via
  • It will be produced by Climax Studio. One may be familiar with the studios from their spectacular work with Hellbound. 
  • Director Yeon Sang-ho who directed Peninsula and Train to Busan is going to direct the project. This should really brighten expectations because quite honestly the reception of Train to Busan overseas was tremendous.
  • Although Penninsula disappointed its predecessor, Train to Busan is still an acclaimed edition in Korea’s worldwide popularity in the cinema world.
  • Writer Ryu Yong-jae will join the director to write the script for the K-Drama. Ryu previously worked on Penninsula and also Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.

Cast and Storyline of Netflix’s Parasyte K Drama

the cast of Netflix's Parasyte: The Grey
the cast of Netflix’s Parasyte: The Grey, via Netflix’s official press release

Parasyte: The Grey will not be a replica of the manga. It is an adaptation in the sense that it will be based on the manga. The characters will be terrifically different and may follow a completely different route altogether than the original plot line.

The cast includes some really known names.

  • Jeon So-nee from When My Love Blooms will portray the main character Jeong Su-in. Jeon’s character will be the one who is attacked by the parasite. (In the source it was Izumi Shinichi).
    • As per Netflix’s press release, the parasite will fail to take over her brain and thus begin the bizarre coexistence of an alien parasite and a human being.
  • Koo Kyo-hwan (Jane, Peninsula) will join the story in a role of an individual going after the parasites after his younger sister goes missing.
  • Then we have Lee Jung-hyun who shall be playing the leader of “The Grey” – a task force dealing with parasites. Her husband was killed by the parasites, and she’s all hell-bent on extruding the extraterrestrials. 

When can we expect the Release of Parasyte: The Grey?

Netflix has only announced production information regarding the Drama. For now, one can only guess when the K-Drama will be released. But if we take the example of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area we will see that it was confirmed for production in 2020 December.

But its eventual release happened in June 2022 but only due to the fact that the world got struck by the Covid pandemic. Given that production and principal photography flows freely, one should expect Parasyte: The Grey to release by 2023 end. 


The original Manga is one of the finest works of Japanese science fiction horror. Kodansha serialized Hitoshi Iwaaki’s work in its Afternoon magazine during 1990-1995. The manga has also inspired two live-action films in 2014 and 2015, other than its famous anime adaptation.

What rides on Netflix’s Parasyte: The Grey are several things, but the greatest is the plot narrative. Although if one sticks to the original source they shouldn’t go too off the ground, it’s always a risky (but potentially great) maneuver to drift from the source material. But it is my personal view that for something to be a good adaptation, it must dare risk the voyage. How well Netflix’s K-drama adaptation of Kiseiju will do will be determined by Climax Studio and the able shoulders of Yeon Sang-Ho the director. 

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