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Last week on Netflix, a mini-series called ‘The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window’ was released. Led by Kristen Bell and consisting of 8 episodes, this anti-comedy series took the audience through a whirlwind of confusion through cliched delusions, hallucinations, drama, crime, and suspense.

The series is about a woman (played by Kristen Bell) who lost her daughter to a serial killer. At the same time, her father (who works as FBI) took her to his workplace – the interrogation room and unintentionally, he left his daughter alone with the serial killer who then killed his daughter. Unable to bear the trauma of her daughter’s death, Anna (Kristen Bell) has PTSD. She confines herself to her house, becomes a borderline alcoholic, bakes casseroles, and watches other people’s lives from the window.

Casseroles, Casseroles, and some more Casseroles

The series starts with casserole thud, casserole thud! In the first episode, Anna bakes a chicken casserole. Absent-mindedly pulling it out of the oven without wearing mitts, she drops the casserole.

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he then welcomes her new neighbors, Neil and young Emma, with a promise of baking a chicken casserole. She drops it while she goes over, and downpours soak her (she is scared of rains because the day her daughter died, it rained; hence rain is associated with a traumatic day).

The next day she bakes her neighbors another casserole, and on goes the shows and casseroles. The only thing you are sure to associate with this series is a chicken casserole. And that is sure to take you to your kitchen wanting to bake some of it or order take-away.

Some Suspicions, More Drama

Anna, when she sees her neighbor, Neil, she drifts away to this fantasy land. The oh-so-hot neighbor, and the cute little kid, Emma. She became close with Emma, and soon they were exchanging casseroles and markers. They bonded over their love for art, and then came the twist.

Neil’s girlfriend arrived in the picture the very next day, shattering her dreams with Neil. Lisa (Neil’s girlfriend) was killed, and Anna, being stuck as a statue in front of her window watching her neighbors, of course, witnessed it. But the trouble was that no one believed her, and her drinking habit was to blame.

The series then becomes about Anna trying to convince everyone that what she saw was true. She became engrossed in collecting evidence, she was very sure that Neil had killed Lisa, and Neil had killed his wife and Emma’s teacher on a field trip.

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Anna had this tale spun and fabricated in her head of how this might have gone, and that Neil is a serial killer underneath everything. Then one night, as Anna follows Neil, she confronts him, and oh well, Neil is out; he is not the killer. Then came Rex, and the story took yet another turn when he was accused of murdering Lisa or Cassidy (apparently she and Rex used to con people together).

Then came another massive twist in the plot when Anna was charged with the murder of Lisa. Her fingerprints were found all over the murder weapon. But she gets a green card as at last, she discovers; the murderer all along has been our tiny little Emma, who would have thought someone that young could wreak such havoc!

The Spoof Gone Poof

This anti-comedy mini-series did try to make a good parody. But in the process, it ended up being ridiculous and moved away from what it attempted to make a parody of. Let’s start with the series’ title, good heavens. It is such a long name to remember! It got us stuck till the first three words of the title. Secondly, this series is just too serious; everything happening simultaneously in the series makes people believe it’s a thriller rather than a dark parody series.

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Most of the plot or the twists is nothing but just dumb. And inclusions of such moments are an accurate parodic imitation present in any typical thriller, psychological-thriller, suspense movies/series. The series moves away from regular parodies. It is not laced with humor and comedy, but every moment, every cliff-hanger is designed in such a way that will have you believing in no time that it is not a parody. The show is raking up in reviews on Netflix and topping the charts. So wait no more, go and watch it!

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