Netflix just announced Skull Island animated series! What is it about?
Skull Island animated series announced! What is it about?

Legendary’s Monsterverse is set to expand with the highly anticipated release of a new animated series, Skull Island. Set in the same timeframe as the Kong: Skull Island movie, this upcoming series is poised to take us deeper into the exhilarating monster universe.

The series is scheduled to debut on June 22, and after a year of no news and updates, Netflix finally dropped a trailer for the show, offering us a tantalizing glimpse of what’s in store. Check out the trailer here:


Produced and executed by Powerhouse Animation Studios, the same creative team behind masterpieces like Blood of Zeus and Castlevania, Skull Island is set to captivate viewers with its nostalgic visuals and compelling storytelling.

What is the Skull Island Anime about?

What is Netflix's new Skull Island Anime about?
A still from the Skull Island animated series [Image via Netflix]
  • The Skull Island animated series will follow a group of kind-hearted explorers who embark on a daring rescue mission to save Annie from the vast ocean.
  • Little do they know that their heroic act will lead them to the treacherous Skull Island, a place teeming with bizarre creatures and terrifying monsters, including the formidable titan, Kong.

Fans are already buzzing with excitement about the 90s-inspired animation style that series embraces. The nostalgia-inducing visuals have struck a chord with viewers, promising a unique and visually pleasing experience. While we are at it, a compelling question to ask might be, whether it is an Anime to even begin with. Which we have dealt with explicitly here.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the series is the potential to explore the uncharted territories of Skull Island, beyond what the movie allowed us to see. We’re also curious to see how the series builds up to the upcoming Monsterverse film, Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire. There’s just so much that could happen!

Skull Island is produced by the same team behind Castlevania, Blood of Zeus, and more.

Netflix's new Skull Island animated series
Kong in the Skull Island animated series [Image via Netflix]
The anime is created, written, and executive produced by Brian Duffield, known for his work on Cocaine Bear, while Brad Graeber, the executive producer of Blood of Zeus and co-creator of SEIS MANOS, lends his expertise to this project.

The voice cast features talented actors, including:

Nicolas Cantu (Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky) as the main protagonist Charlie.

Mae Whitman (renowned for her role in the Scott Pilgrim anime) as Annie.

Darren Barnett (who played Paxton on Never Have I Ever) as Mike.

Benjamin Bratt (from Disney’s Coco) as Cap.

Betty Gilpin (from Mrs. Davis) as Irene.

As the release date draws near, anticipation for Skull Island animated series continues to grow. This thrilling addition to the Monsterverse promises to expand the lore and immerse viewers in a world filled with danger, adventure, and awe-inspiring creatures.

With a talented creative team and an exciting voice cast, this animated series is poised to capture the hearts of fans new and old. So mark your calendars for June 22 and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey to Skull Island like never before!

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