The free Netflix Password Sharing era is almost over; Here's why

We might bring a piece of good and bad news for today. It’s kind of in between, but well, business is business. How long have you been using Netflix? Pretty sure at least once in your binge-watching moments, you have tried or the least heard about account sharing. I tried this before, with the sole reason that I wanted to watch a certain film, so I may have borrowed a close friend’s Netflix account. Although, the glory days of Netflix password sharing may be cut and over, and here’s why.

Netflix Password Sharing

This news from Netflix came all the way back in March 2022. They posted a blog consisting of why and how this password sharing comes to an end. The good news could be hmm, instead of password sharing, a separate would be given. Although, the bad news, this would require extra pay.

  • It’s been a well-known problem that competitors have been active left and right, like Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney+. The competition between the online streaming platforms may have attacked the revenue of Netflix, as subscribers continue to end their plans. This password sharing crackdown would be an opportunity for their revenue growth, according to their April shareholder letter.
Netflix password sharing, netflix content
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  • Moreover, descending revenue may have affected Netflix’s content as well. In other words, Netflix password sharing results in “impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members.” In addition, they mentioned in their March blog post that the “subscriptions fund all our great TV and films”.
  • The Netflix password sharing era comes to an end, as they started testing two new features in subscribers from Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. Netflix wanted to keep “one household, one account”, and they may have found a way to implement it. It would cost you an extra $2.99, and here’s how it will work.

Two new features

This can be applicable to Standard and Premium subscribers of Netflix, by the way. Also, they have not confirmed nor given an official statement on any specific day that they would implement this all over the globe. But we can be certain that this may happen in the year 2023, as they mentioned that it will officially start by next year in their October shareholder letter.

Netflix password sharing, paid account sharing
Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • Firstly, in each subscribed plan, Netflix members may be able to add a maximum of two sub-accounts outside of the household. Each sub-account would have its own profile, login, and password. The three countries that first handled this offer would require each sub-account an extra pay. The following prices are 2,380 CLP in Chile, 2.99 USD in Costa Rica, and 7.9 PEN in Peru, respectively.
  • Secondly, a feature where you can transfer one’s profile into a new account. This feature can be done by any Basic, Standard, or Premium subscribers of Netflix. If someone’s been sharing your account with you, they may be able to transfer it into a new account or an extra sub-account. Of course, they may keep all the viewing history, My List, and personalized recommendations.

Any thoughts about this, binge-watchers?

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