If you are an occasional couch potato like me and love binge-watching series and movies, get your popcorn tub, and bury yourself under a pile of blankets. Here is my personal list of 10 must-watch series from Netflix.

But first, a disclaimer is in order. This is my personal list, and it is a cacophony of all genres. And by no means it’s a ranked list. So, here it goes.

Midnight Asia

Season(s): 1 Episodes:  6

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Come December and January, festivities never seem to end. Then come the last weeks of January – the lazy weeks. You want a small get-away, get your energy booster. But oh, reality check, the pandemic is still not over yet! What is then the way about? Uh, Duh! Watch travel shows!

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Midnight Asia is different. It makes up for the nights we wished we could have traveled to discover amazing Asia. The series was released in 2022 on Netflix with one season that comprises six episodes. The show starts with a bang, and each episode transports you through different countries in Asia. It shows the nightlife, the food (yum!), the people, and a lot more.

It’s definitely a good watch which makes you want to pack a suitcase and go.

Archive 81

Season(s): 1 Episodes: 8

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Yup, this had to make its way in my list. Honestly, it is a good watch, but the ending can be a tad bit confusing. Tons of questions will pop up in your head. Answers to those questions probably will be revealed if there is another season in the schedule coming up soon. Hailing from the most-watched horror series, give this series a go!

The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman

Season(s): 1 Episodes:  3

Image Courtesy: Netflix

This is a limited series on Netflix. Released in 2022, this riveting docuseries is about a manipulative conman – the ultimate conman of all time. A person who, in the wake of stealing money from his targeted victims, disrupted many lives, destroyed them, destroyed their families, and put them through all kinds of hell.

If you are in the mood for some crime series documentary, check this limited docuseries out.

Too Hot to Handle

Season(s): 3

Image Courtesy: Netflix

We need some spice in life, and this show will make your life spicier. With a new season drop in 2022, gear up to find out some more juicy love life details, and be sure to hedge your bets on who would remain a celibate.

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Emily in Paris

Season(s): 2

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Yes, this had to be on my list. You need the kind of series in your list that is a cocktail of wacky, tacky, funny, drama, and lots of love! Emily in Paris is back with season 2. And well, the end of the series will have you sing Mon Soleil in no time!

Cobra Kai

Season(s): 4

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Loved Karate Kid? Want to relive the movie franchise one more time? Cobra Kai picks up after the initial three movies in the movie installment. The show does a splendid job it does of bringing together elements and actors of Karate Kid, adding some more action, angst, and drama. All in all, the show weaves a perfect tapestry.

Locke & Key

Season(s): 2

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Mystery, Evil, and Family- What happens when these three elements come together? Locke & Key, of course! Well, this series might have garnered mixed reviews. Personally, I too have some inhibitions about the series in some parts. But keeping those moments aside, it is overall a must-watch show.


Season(s): 1 Episodes:  10

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Did you watch the Witcher? Are you searching for some more of the ancient world, action, and drama? Well, you should check out Cursed. It is amped with teen drama, anger, doused with supernatural elements, and set in an ancient world backdrop. It is a perfect watch that will leave you wanting more. Moreover, the good news is that rumors are going around the town, saying that Cursed season 2 will soon release this year. We can expect it to arrive on Netflix by the first half of this year. Trust me, if these rumors are true, this is the perfect time to binge on this series.


Season(s): 1 Episodes: 5

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Did you love the American Crime Story? Similar to the ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace” is Halston – a mini-drama series. It was released in 2021, and it narrates the rise of famous fashion designer Halston before his career plummets and goes downhill. If you love the world of fashion and love knowing its roots and origins, be sure to check this grappling series out!

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Unabomber- In His Own Words

Season(s): 1 Episodes: 4

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Who was the one person who transformed from a nerd into a fearsome figure in the US? The Unabomber! Ted Kaczynski’s transformation from a person engrossed in intellectual activities to becoming a famous serial bomber is a compelling story to watch. This docuseries captures his rise, the manhunt, and the final revelation of his mental capacity. This makes this docuseries a must-watch even though it was released sometime back in 2018.

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