Netflix has been a massive help in the film and entertainment industry. The online streaming giant offers its Originals, from documentaries, series, films, and anime. Families and friends do use and share Netflix accounts as its Premium subscription allows up to five profiles and four (4) simultaneous watching. However, the Netflix password sharing, a d as the saying goes ‘all good things must come to an end’. The streaming platform plans to disallow password sharing and opt for something they can profit from. Here’s what we know so far, when will the Netflix password sharing ends, and what will happen?

The End of Netflix Password Sharing

The Netflix Tweet in 2017 didn’t probably age well. If you missed that one, you would wish that this news is just a joke, but anyway, maybe they don’t love anymore, kidding (or not).

Netflix has this plan up on its sleeve way back in March of 2022. In case you didn’t know, the reason for this incoming move of Netflix is how competition affected their revenue. This revenue thing also led to being incapable of investing in new films, shows, and such (which might be the reason as well for the continuous cancelation of some series!).

  • So when does the joy of password sharing AKA freeloading ends? Currently, Netflix has been testing these account-sharing fees in a few countries including Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. The streaming platform announced that the newly-added sharing fee would start at the end of March 2023.
Netflix Password Sharing ends, outside household
Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • Moreover, a global, and full roll-out of the account-sharing fees may happen in a couple of quarters. If we can estimate it right, maybe at the end of 2023 or 2024, all Netflix subscribers would be paying these extra fees for extra accounts. No news yet on which countries are going to have this newly-updated account-sharing fee.
  • Netflix would roll out in sets of countries, not simultaneously all over the globe, don’t worry! So if you’re new to this news, then here’s what will happen when they implement this fee system.

What happens to shared passwords?

Don’t worry, an added profile to your account doesn’t mean extra fees. Also, you can still share your Netflix accounts in a single household, and even outside of it. However, if you share your account outside your household, that’s where the extra account-sharing fee needs to be paid. According to Netflix’s Help page, “Netflix will not automatically charge you if you share your account with someone who doesn’t live with you.

  • The catch of this though, you don’t need to share your passwords anymore, instead, they would have their separate account. You only have to verify your device to be authorized to use the Netflix account. A verification code will be sent via email to successfully verify the said device.
Netflix Account Sharing, fee system
Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • How would Netflix know that you’re in the same household? They have answered that on the same page, and it states that they would gather information like “IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity from devices signed into the Netflix account.
  • How many devices can you watch on with this new setup? Netflix mentions that this still depends on what plan you are subscribed to. Premium subscribers may enjoy up to four simultaneous use in the same household, two with Standard, and one with Basic and Mobile.

  • Lastly, how much would an extra account be? Well, if we compare it to the test countries, it would probably be around the same amount of around one-quarter of the price of a Standard account. Maybe the price would range around $3 to $4, more or less. Chile’s account-sharing fee when tested out costs $4.43, so we can expect around the same amount too.

Are you ready for this change that the online streaming platform’s going to make? Well, the glory days of password sharing truly have come to an end.

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