Which Anna Kendrick movies are streaming on Netflix? | Ranked

Anna Kendrick movies on Netflix

The talented and amazing actress Anna Kendrick has had huge success in Hollywood throughout her career. With another upcoming slow-burn thriller movie titled “Alice, Darling”, many of Kendrick’s fans are looking at her previous projects. If you want to see which of her movies are currently on Netflix, then we just got the list for you!

Pitch Perfect 3 (2015)

Beca (Anna Kendrick) and her Barden Bellas return for one last ride in Pitch Perfect 3. After winning the world championships in Pitch Perfect 2, the Bellas, including Beca found themselves being adults living in a very different world. But, when Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) invited the group to watch the new Barden Bellas perform, it was then that the pioneers realized they have to perform one last time.


Among the three Pitch Perfect movies, the third one probably isn’t the best. It’s also pretty unnecessary, but hey, Acapella fans wanted this. However, Anna Kendricks showed how ridiculously talented she is despite the bad reviews of the movie.

Digging for Fire (2015)

Sony’s Digging for Fire featured an amazing ensemble cast such as Orlando Bloom, Rosemarie DeWitt, Brie Larson, Jake Johnson, Sam Rockwell, Sam Elliott, and Anna Kendricks.

The film was inspired by a real-life event when one of the actors, Jake Johnson, found a gun and bone in his backyard. As the title suggests, the characters revolve around digging in a backyard after one couple found something suspicious. Yes, you guessed it right, a bone and a gun. This independent film often times show how hilarious, funny, yet serious these kind of situations are in real life. It’s an amazing movie and definitely worth a watch. Also, Anna Kendrick isn’t a main character, but Brie Larson is!

Stowaway (2021)

A Netflix original sci-fi thriller/drama Stowaway, released in 2021, is about a space exploration crew that discovers that their ship has an unplanned passenger. Only designed to provide for three people, the stowaway jeopardizes everyone on the ship and everything they have worked for many years.

Starring Anna Kendricks, Toni Collette (Hereditary), Daniel Dae Kim (The Good Doctor), and Shamier Anderson (John Wick: Chapter 4), the movie is a masterpiece that everybody needs to see. Hopefully, Netflix creates more sci-fi or space movies because fans will love it more times than not.

Pitch Perfect 2 (2012)

The first Pitch Perfect film was a blast and was positively received by fans and critics. Hence the reason why Universal Pictures created a sequel three years later.

After winning the National title in Pitch Perfect 1, it’s high time for the Barden Bellas to take the crown on the international stage. But, wait a minute. It wouldn’t be an easy path for this all-female Acapella group for they have to go up against some of the best in the world, including Germany’s Das Sound Machine. Also, Pitch Perfect 2 had one of the most memorable riffs off. Pitch Perfect 2 and 3 are still on Netflix, but the first one has already been removed.

Trolls (2016)

Dreamworks has a long list of the most memorable and good-feel animated movies, and Anna Kendricks and Justine Timberlake in Trolls is definitely one of them.

In 2016, the studios released a movie based on the popular Troll Doll created by Thomas Dam. Everybody knows about the toy since it was part of our childhood. The movie, on the other hand, also had huge success at the box office worldwide. It’s still on Netflix and it would be perfect for a great family bonding to watch it once more.

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